Toyota Yaris 2008 Model: Price In Nigeria, Interior, Problems

Toyota Yaris 2008 is a reliable car, that combines all the features of an ideal companion on the road.

Yaris 2008 will faithfully serve you as well as will not cause unnecessary trouble and will not require the large maintenance costs. Almost any 2008 Toyota Yaris sedan review, you can see such epithets as  “reliable”, “everlasting”, “indestructible” and “just best”. But is it really so?

Let’s talk about everything in order in this Toyota Yaris 2008 review!

Toyota Yaris 2008

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1. Intro

Unlike its predecessors, the gamma of modifications of second generation Toyota Yaris has changed – the car model creators have stopped the manufacturing of Verso Minivan and American Coupe.

As it was before, the attention is focused on hatchbacks.

Yaris 2008

2. Toyota Yaris 2008 exterior

Yaris has got a new extremely expressive exterior design that distinguishes the hatchback among the competitors in the B class segment, giving the car that «atypical view». Exterior design is made in the corporate style of Toyota “Under Priority” and “Keen Look”.

Every 2008 Yaris review claims that the car’s design became more contemporary and sporty: it combines precise cross lines around the logo on the front of the car, that separate the modified upper and lower grille. The elegant projector headlights with led daytime running lights also attract the attention.

As for the rear part of the car, the new bumper design, built-in diffuser, and new led lights increase more fashionable and confident look of the car.

2008 Yaris review

2008 Yaris review

2008 Yaris review

2008 Yaris review

2008 Yaris review

2008 Yaris review

2008 Yaris review

3. Toyota Yaris 2008 interior

There is a large number of pockets and niches of various sizes inside the cabin. The visibility from the driver’s seat is just perfect. Plastic elements are hard enough and do not make any noise.

The quality cabin edging easily meets the test of time.

Another idea, taken from its predecessor – the sliding design of the separated rear seats, thanks to which, depending on the situation, you can give priority to reserve space in the trunk or for the passenger’s feet. By the way, many of Toyota’s competitors in the compact class commonly use such ideas.

There are also newer, more functional solutions compared to the first generation models: the floor of the back part of the cabin is completely even that provides great convenience to accommodate three passengers, as well as the adjustable backrest angle.

Toyota Yaris 2008 interior

Toyota Yaris 2008 interior

Toyota Yaris 2008 interior

Toyota Yaris 2008 interior

Toyota Yaris 2008 interior

4. Toyota Yaris 2008 model lineup

Yaris 2008 is available in two alternatives:

  • The base variant (a three-door hatchback);
  • S-version (a four-door sedan).

Both alternatives are powered by a traditional 1.5-litre engine and driven by the front wheels.

Toyota Yaris 2008

Toyota Yaris 2008

5. Toyota Yaris 2008 engine and performance

Talking about the 2008 Toyota Yaris sedan specs we have to draw your attention to the engine. The common and quite popular (and, BTW, very good for Yaris worth) 1.5-litre VVT-I gasoline engine is installed in many Toyota models and it is known for its reliability: it’s trouble-free. It quite economic in oil consumption, the turns are stable and the fuel consumption is very adequate.

By the way, the car keeps the stable control at the speed of 140 km/h.

The engine gives you a stable, decent performance, a smooth, sporty drive with a good handling. The operation of the steering wheel and the braking system give you the sense of confidence. Pedal feels excellent and direct.

The other «star» in the Toyota Yaris 2008 specification list is the five-speed manual transmission/an optional four-speed automatic transmission.

The first one is just a fun to drive; either you take a ride on the city roads or rush in the wide-open space. It offers smooth shifts and well-spaced gear ratios. Meanwhile, the second one also operates perfectly.

The acceleration power of the Yaris 2008 is weakened, but the good news is that the smooth upshifts and sharp downshifts make you forget about this circumstances.

The EPA rates Yaris at 29 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on highways with the four-speed automatic transmission. As for the manual transmission, with the manual transmission, Yaris shows 29 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway.

2008 toyota Yaris sedan specs

2008 toyota Yaris sedan specs

6. 2008 Toyota Yaris problems

One of the common 2008 Toyota Yaris automatic transmission problems is the aftershocks and a hitch when switching. The thing is that the automatic transmission is equipped with an adaptive management program that changes the timing gear depending on the style of ride. However, almost all such units behave like that.

The other stabilizer bushings do not fail until you reach 80,000 km of mileage.

When the operation of the car in infrequent, the front brake discs can start to rust? That reduces the effectiveness of braking.

After the reach of 90,000 of mileage or the 5 years of the exploitation, the pump may lose its tightness.

2008 toyota Yaris problems

7. Toyota Yaris sedan 2008 price

How much is a 2008 Toyota Yaris in Nigeria?

Brand new Toyota Yaris price in Nigeria is between N1.8 and N3.1 million, depending on the version, additive options, and region. As for the used Toyota Yaris 2008 price, the car costs N1 – N1.7 million.

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Toyota Yaris sedan 2008 price

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