Car Wash Business: Easy Start and Quick Success!

Every year the number of cars is growing. But car wash business can’t grow at the same pace. For a business person it’s a great opportunity, but first, you will need the precise car wash business plan!

If you are wondering, how profitable a car wash business can be, how to start it from scratch, what car wash equipment you’ll have to buy – find the answers in this post!

car wash business plan

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1. The advantages of a car wash business

  • Guaranteed demand.
  • Liquidity and investment attractiveness of the business.
  • Popularity.
  • Transparency and ease of management.
  • High profitability index: minimum index – 30%, normal index – 50%.
  • Prospects for expanding the business.
  • Low-level competition.

mobile car wash

2. Car wash business: options to start

2.1. Rent an existing car wash.


  • You do not need to deal with the design, coordination and building processes, choose and purchase the necessary car wash equipment.
  • the opportunity to leave the business with the minimal financial loss.


  • low level of profitability
  • dependence on the lessor.

2.2. Rental of premises + installation of car wash equipment.


  • the rental price is lower.
  • the profitability of the business is greater.
  • in case of a lease termination, you can move the equipment to another location and continue the business activity.
  • if the car wash business will not meet your expectations, you can sell the equipment and return the part of the invested funds.


  • investments in the initial stage are higher.

2.3. Construction of a car wash from scratch.


  • the object will be as much as possible to meet your initial requirements.
  • a fairly profitable type of business that provides a stable income.
  • the car wash is your property, you can sell it or rent it out.


  • the bureaucracy processes are very complicated and they take lots of time, the financial costs of this method are very high.

car wash pressure machine

3. Car wash types

The volume of your money investments, the demand for the services and the profit that you will get depends on the type of car wash that you will choose:

  • mobile car wash – the least common category that does not require large investments, offers fast and high-quality services.
  • Manual car wash types are divided into contactless and contact. The first one is the most common and least expensive form.
  • Automatic car washes are divided into two types: portal and tunnel car washes. The second type allows you to save on the number of employees, but you will have to invest a lot in building separate premises for the automatic car wash machine.

The average automatic car wash machine price can vary from $19,000 to $45,000 depending on many different tech factors.

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car wash equipment

4. What car wash equipment will you need?

  • car wash pressure machine;
  • vacuum cleaners, dry cleaning machines, purge compressors;
  • foam generators;
  • treatment facilities (the well, the water recirculation system).

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car wash equipment

5. How to wash a car: 15 steps & tools

Best Carwash Technique: 15 Steps + Tools

This is a detailed video describing the exact steps, tools, and products I use to do a very simple weekly wash. We are not discussing, clay, compound, polish, or waxing in the video. This is what I call a “maintenance wash”. Hope you enjoy!

6. Car wash services

HOW To Offer CAR Wash Services – Auto Detailing Training Series – Washing Cars

Download The Guide HERE: I know, who needs a guide on how to offer car washing services? Well, it surely isn’t complicated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow a strong structure on how to go about your business. What you don’t want to do is simply wing everything that you’re doing and hope something works.

7. Car wash business marketing tips

Car Wash Business Marketing Full, Flex, or Express Exterior – meet successful operators across the country as they discuss what marketing strategies are (and are not) working for them.

8. Car wash business feasibility study

The whole expenses:

  • Small-scale car wash business: N1,000 – N20,000 (no need to buy large equipment, you just have to purchase the washing buckets, detergents, etc.).
  • Medium scale car wash business: N200,000 – N400,000 (means the purchasing of large washing equipment, etc.).

Things you’ll need:

  • Professional car wash machine: about N200,000 (the new one) or N80,000 for the used one.
  • The premises: the cost of a rental is about N6,000 per month (N72,000 per year).
  • Water: you can set up a borehole for nearly N150,000 on average.
  • Storage tanks: a medium-sized storage tank costs about N12,000-N15,000.
  • The generator set is about N80,000.
  • Buckets, brushes, towels, detergents, and soaps are about N5,000.

One year income projection:

  • A car is washed for between N500 – N1,000.
  • Еут cars per day bring you N500 x 10 = N5000.
  • In a month you will get N150,000.
  • Your monthly income x 12 months will constitute N1,800,000 in a year.

car washing machine for business

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