How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

A cockroach is not a pet everyone dreams about. As soon as you notice at least one representative of the population, you’ll immediately get obsessed with how to kill cockroaches. Unfortunately, the question how to get rid of cockroaches in Nigeria is more common than we’d like to acknowledge.

Why do they appear?

  • You have a lot of tasty food and don’t like to clean the tables.
  • You don’t clean cabinets often, and some foods can be spilled around.
  • You don’t like to throw off rubbish in the evening and always leave it for morning.
  • You have dripping water in the kitchen or bathroom or spilled on the table.
  • It is not you, but neighbors do all the above. You have only some little cracks cockroaches use like tunnels.

Types Of Cockroaches

The diversity of cockroach species may become a disgusting surprise for you. Luckily, the number of species that can settle in your house is not that big. Let’s find out more about each of them, so you can recognize the creatures you urge to deal with.

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Red cockroaches

  • the most common and hard to deal with;
  • have elongated form and the color in range from light-red to dark-brown;
  • eat fresh and slightly spoiled food;
  • settle in cabinetry or even fridges;
  • breed very quickly and so complicated to get rid of;
  • adapt to different conditions very fast, but regulate their population;
  • search for pleasant climate and constant access to food.

Black cockroaches

  • come from trash bins, sewages, basements;
  • a total disaster, which, however, doesn’t inhabit higher floors (5th is the limit);
  • relocate to houses from streets when it gets colder outside;
  • eat any food they can find;
  • can be up to 3 cm long;
  • can be dark-brown, dark-red, or completely black;
  • smell really bad and appear in poor sanitary conditions;
  • spread infections and diseases.

White cockroaches

  • lost their shells and became white;
  • hard to notice, for they are hiding during this period;
  • become brown in a while;
  • are not a separate kind of cockroaches.

American cockroaches

  • native to African continent, spread to Europe and Americas with traders;
  • adapt to any conditions very quickly, but die at 0°C and lower temperature;
  • are very fast and aggressive – they can attack pets and sleeping people!

Furniture cockroaches

  • don’t eat food; search for something that contains starch instead;
  • prefer settling in old books in libraries or furniture.

How to get rid of cockroaches

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Cockroach killer traps

This is one of the easiest and safest ways of how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen. You won’t need anything special, just a container for attracting insects and food to put inside. The disadvantage of this way is that it works when insects are not numerous.

To prepare a trap, take a plastic bottle or a similar container. Place some food inside, preferably with good flavour. Cockroaches have easy access to food but find it difficult to get out. Wait until insects are dead or get rid of them without letting them escape.  


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If you are really tired of disgusting insects and want to find out what kills cockroaches instantly, you need to pay attention to specially created substances. With these preparations, the question how to get rid of cockroaches at home is going to get an answer.

However, these sprays and liquids are often harmful for humans, too. If you decide to use “Raid” or something similar, make sure you don’t spray it over food and clean all surfaces thoroughly afterwards. Such substances are not lethal for people, but poisoning will make you feel really bad.

When looking for a good remedy against cockroaches, buy something that contains fipronil. When a cockroach is infected by this poison, it spreads the infection among the entire population, including the breed. The majority of treatments are not capable of this, so people have to deal with growing insects again and again.  

Home remedies for cockroaches

Lately, for people looking for how to get rid of cockroaches, home remedies are in the top of the list of desirable methods. Many have got tired of chemicals and their influence on human organism, as well as prices and effect that is often questioned.  

If you are curious how to get rid of cockroaches naturally, the next advice is for you. It is not as drastic and effective compared to previous methods and, moreover, requires much patience. Nevertheless, the result is worth it – you get the clear way to deal with parasites.

Cockroaches are curious and easily attracted by different bright items. You can take something edible but seasoned with boracic acid. It is totally safe for humans and deadly for cockroaches. In a few days, they will be rapidly leaving your apartment, or you’ll gather corpses all around.

This method has one serious disadvantage if you you have pets. Boracic acid is harmful not only for insects, but for all animals. They cause serious stomach pains and can be lethal if consumed in big doses. So if you have a curious dog, think twice before going for it.

There is a couple of other effective natural ways to get rid of cockroaches. For instance, you can wipe trims with ammonia water, denaturated alcohol, turpentine or kerosene. You can also add a few drops into water before cleaning the floor. Very soon, you’ll notice the great escape.

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You can also mix flour with powdered gypsum in 1:3 ratio. It is possible do add a drop of honey in order to attract the insecte more effectively. After eating this “delicious” pastry you’ve cooked, cockroaches will not survive.

Preventative activity

  • Keep house clean. A single attack or bottoming the house is not enough.
  • Keep food in airproof dishes.
  • Clean breadcrumbs and pieces of food after every meal.
  • Wash dishes right after the meal.
  • Throw away rubbish right after the bin gets full.
  • Stop water leaks. Cockroaches can survive without food, but not water.
  • Check potentially weak places for leaking regularly.
  • Close up all cracks you can find – in the corners, on the ceiling etc.
  • Close airholes with special net.