How To Make Onion Oil: Two Easiest Recipes

People know many onion oil uses since the ancient times: beauties used onions for cosmetic purposes, especially for improving the structure of hair, cured the hair loss and dandruff. Onions contain lots of essential oils, vitamins, microelements, that give the hair a healthy radiance and make your hair grow faster and better.

Here are two easiest recipes on how to make onion oil and important tips that you will need!

onion oil for hair

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1. Benefits of onion oil for hair

The benefits of onion oil for hair growth seems like magic because the remedy has a tremendous effect:

  • stops hair loss;
  • stimulates the growth of new;
  • fights dandruff;
  • nourishes and moisturizes hair along the entire length;
  • restores the hair structure.

Many people are too lazy to try this method, but it’s worth it: knowing how to make onion oil at home for hair will provide healthy hair for many years!

onion oil for hair growth

2. How to make onion oil for hair growth: recipe #1

Onion stimulates hair growth, improves the flow of blood to their bulbs. As a result, the nutrition of the bulbs improves, the curls begin to grow faster.

To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to make masks once in 2-3 days for 2 months. Then you need to make a break (at least 30 days) and repeat the course of onion oil procedures.

Onion oil recipe:

  • mix 4 tbsp. of onion juice + 2 tbsp. kefir + 2 tbsp. of any oil + 2 tbsp. of liquid honey and the same amount of cognac;
  • mix all the ingredients;
  • rub the mixture into the roots;
  • distribute the leftovers through the hair;
  • wrap your head with a thick towel;
  • after 1.5 – 2 hours, wash off the mask.

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how to make onion oil for hair growth

3. How to make onion oil for hair: recipe #2

How to make onion oil at home:

  • take 2 tbsp. of dry yeast + 1 teaspoon of liquid honey + 2 tbsp. of burdock (olive) oil + 4 tbsp. of onion juice;
  • mix yeast with honey and set aside in a warm place;
  • as soon as the mass swells, add the remaining ingredients, stir;
  • apply to the hair and wrap your hair with a plastic bag (the mask leaks a lot);
  • leave the mask on your hair for about an hour;
  • wash off with shampoo.

how to make onion oil for hair

4. Onion oil for hair: things to consider

Note: Onion oil dries the skin, so do not use this mask if you have the dry type of skin, and do not over-restrain the mixture on your hair. You can add onion oil to your shampoo along with essential oil. You can use this «vitamin shake», alternating it with the usual shampoo.

You can store onion oil in the refrigerator, but it is better to use a fresh mixture. Be careful with it if you have red, curly and dyed curls.

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onion oil uses

5. Onion and olive oil for hair regrowth

Onion Plus Olive Oil For Hair Grow Naturally Step By Step At Home

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