Off Shoulder Tops: 25 Fresh Styles

Off shoulder tops are the perfect combination of stylish and sexy. These tops are available in a variety of styles and materials, but Nigerian fashionistas especially love lace and Ankara tops. Check out 25 latest off shoulder tops outfit ideas!

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1. Ankara off shoulder tops

When it comes to off shoulder tops, Ankara is the first choice of fabric for most ladies. Ankara off shoulder tops are beautiful, versatile, and look fantastic on all body types.

Jeans and an off-shoulder Ankara top are the ideal casual outfit: this kind of tops is a great fit for nearly all kinds of jeans, and the vibrant Ankara print looks so good with solid-coloured denim.

Off-shoulder Ankara tops have become so popular that they even made their debut on the runway, being featured in the latest collections of numerous famed designers.

With the right cut and fabric, as well as the right accessories and shoes, it’s easy to turn relaxed and casual off shoulder tops styles into glamorous looks for special occasions.

Wearing an off shoulder Ankara top with jeans gives you an unlimited freedom for choosing the pattern and design of your top, since any of them are a perfect match for denim.

How to make your favourite colourful Ankara off the shoulder top appropriate for office? Simply pair it with a straight black pencil skirt for some workplace chic!

If you’re a fan of big shapes and bold colour combinations, you can pair an off shoulder top with an Ankara skirt without being afraid of clashing prints.

A combination of maxi skirt and off shoulder Ankara top looks fabulous on its own, but you can also successfully pair these items with other garments.

One of the latest off shoulder tops is a maxi off shoulder top. It’s longer and wider than the regular fit, and it will make you feel especially cosy and confident while wearing it.

It won’t be long until autumn starts, and you know what that means – long sleeves and comfy jeans will rule the fashion during all three autumn months!

Light wash jeans, white Ankara pattern and white sneakers – that’s as casual as off shoulder tops outfits will ever get.

If you’re a fan of both lace and Ankara, do yourself a favour and pair those two fabrics in one exquisite look featuring an off the shoulder top.

Some looks are all about the masterful combination of colours: this rusty brown Ankara top couldn’t be a better pairing for the sapphire blue skirt.

Many off shoulder Ankara tops feature colours that match the bottoms – in this case, the light blue of the jeans is reflected in the pattern as well.

When your love for Ankara cannot be satisfied by just one off the shoulder top, add a matching gele and rock your favourite pattern.

Some Ankara off shoulder tops are so voluminous that they start resembling ponchos, and there isn’t a better thing to wear on cool autumn evenings.

In case you find fully Ankara outfits a bit overwhelming, use a fragment of your off shoulder top pattern in the skirt to create a complete look.

For a slightly retro feel in your new outfit, pair an off the shoulder Ankara top with flared jeans and some striking accessories.

As always, black leggings remain one of the most versatile items in a woman’s wardrobe – just look how successfully they can be combined with an off shoulder top!

Any outfit featuring a white skirt is an outfit that will make everyone’s heads turn, and it’s even more true for a combination of a white skirt and off the shoulder Ankara top.

If you don’t want to let the cool summer vibe go, choose a vibrant pattern for your Ankara off the shoulder top and complete your look with a stylish fedora.

2. Lace off shoulder tops

Although lace and Ankara are equally popular among Nigerian ladies, lace is a slightly different fabric in terms of use: unlike Ankara, which can be worn on any occasion imaginable, lace off shoulder tops are mostly seen in special occasion looks like Aso Ebi.

We can all learn a lesson on colour combination from this look: check out how the colour of the lace off the shoulder top is repeated in the skirt pattern!

Red and white are one of the classic pairings in fashion, so it’s not surprising that this off shoulder lace top looks so great with the skirt.

Delicate lace, off shoulder top design, and subtle peplum – what’s not to like about this elegant look?

Who knew an off shoulder lace top and a wrap velvet skirt could look so good together in an outfit that is simply made for an exquisite wedding?

In case a subtle peplum is not your style, consider stepping up your peplum game, just like in this off the shoulder lace top!

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