Temi Otedola’s Fashion Styles You Will Love

Temi Otedola is known for being Femi Otedola’s daughter, Instagram influencer, media personality, but, most importantly, a connoisseur of fashion. Each new Temi’s look makes a splash on social media and inspires thousands of women to try new styles. Check out the best of the latest Temi Otedola’s looks!

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1. Temi Otedola native styles

Temi may spend most of her time travelling all around the world, but she always stays true to her roots. That is why many of her iconic looks feature one or more Nigerian classics: Ankara, lace, and Aso Ebi.

Temi is a big fan of the retro look, and this Ankara two-piece suit with a cropped top and wide-legged trousers is right up her street.

Temi is equally good at dressing like a rebellious teenager and a sophisticated business lady. This elegant Ankara dress with long sleeves is a great example of the latter.

There is no better clothing item for chilling on a beach while wearing tiny jean shorts than a breezy and colourful Ankara blouse.

Only the biggest fashion pros can combine Ankara and lace in one look as masterfully as Temi Otedola did in one of her latest looks.

A long-sleeved Ankara jumpsuit with cropped trousers is undoubtedly a bold fashion choice and an equally successful one.

When the occasion demands a traditional approach to fashion, Temi certainly can deliver – her Aso Ebi style is simply unmatched.

Temi owns her own clothing brand, which produces some of the most exquisite and beautiful outfits the star has ever worn.

Vibrant, flirty, and cute – this is exactly what you expect a mini Ankara jumpsuit to look like, and Temi Otedola is the ideal person to wear it.

This streamlined and straightforward midi Ankara dress is almost a direct opposite of the previous looks, but Temi carries both outfits truly well.

How to instantly make a simple red Ankara dress twice as chic? Throw on an adorable white coat and wear some fierce boots with it, of course!

2. Temi Otedola casual styles

While native styles are a big part of Temi Otedola’s approach to fashion, she also loves to rock casual looks and high-fashion items from renowned designers.

Everyone about this look – the top, the skirt, and the shoes – can’t help but attract everyone’s attention to the wearer, which likely was Temi’s goal.

You could easily imagine the next dress on celebrities known for their impeccable taste, and this is Temi’s successful attempt to join their ranks.

Few people would look as gorgeous as Temi Otedola in a double denim outfit!

The next look is the ideal beach outfit, from the flat sandals to the super casual hair, and, of course, the charming yellow sundress.

The pairing of red and pink in one outfit is a risky one, but Temi wouldn’t be an undisputed queen of fashion if she wasn’t ready to take fashion risks.

Here is another example of Temi wearing the world’s most elegant dresses – this time it’s the iconic coat dress that is a favourite of Kate Middleton and other celebs known for their impeccable taste.

From a queen of high fashion to a queen of business chic! Menswear-inspired suits have rarely looked as chic as Temi’s does.

Pairing a princess dress with a rough leather jacket is one of the best examples of a fashion contrast that 100% works.

Adding a little military flare to an already eye-catching look is always a great way to take it to the next level of fashion.

With the next look Temi can teach us all a lesson in colour blocking. And her giant blue ring is a masterpiece of its own!

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