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Wedding Souvenirs In Nigeria: Top 10 Collection

wedding souvenir ideas in nigeria

Gifts to guests on the wedding is one of the main trends, so if you are looking for cool wedding souvenirs in Nigeria, finding original gifts will be easy as a pie!

Usually, cheap wedding souvenir ideas in Nigeria are various miniature trinkets: from edible presents to useful items that are used in everyday life. The purpose of such present is to thank the guests for sharing this day with you and commemorating the event. It’s great if you put a memorable engraving on the gifts so that the guests will remember about the event for a long time!

We’ve got top10 wedding souvenir ideas in Nigeria for you – most of these ideas will make even the most experienced guests feel happy!

wedding souvenirs in nigeria

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1. Sets for spices

This is one of the most pleasant presents among the souvenir items for wedding in Nigeria for those/ who love it spicy.

Salt and pepper shakers are an inseparable couple that imparts a sharpness and taste to life. This is a wonderful symbolic present for the wedding.

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wedding souvenirs samples

2. Living plants

A potted plant is a symbol of the birth of a new family. Check out the wonderful wedding souvenirs samples on the Internet and make such a present to every guest with a small succulent, and you will give away a piece of your happiness, which, as you know, only gets bigger when they are shared.

souvenir items in nigeria

3. Stands for mugs

This is another useful compliment, which will regularly remind guests of a memorable day when two young people have united their destinies with each other. These stands can be made of glass, cork, bamboo or wood.

It will be a very good idea if you make the engravings on these stands so the guests will recall the perfect moments every time they use them. One idea that is even more unusual is a transparent stand with a liner in the form of a photo of the newlyweds!

wedding souvenir ideas in nigeria

4. Accessories for the tea ceremony

If the dinner with a glass of wine by candlelight is an entertainment for unmarried couples, the tea-drinking ceremony is for those having a serious relationship.

So any accessories for the tea ceremony will be a good idea that will come in handy later. There are many options: a strainer for tea leaves, tea bags with names and ceramic stands for them, mini tea sets and even small kettles!

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wedding souvenirs in nigeria

5. Fans

The tradition to give a fan at a wedding came from the East, but it is a perfect symbolic present for the long hot Nigerian days! You can easily find unique souvenir items in Nigeria everywhere – quality and fashionable fans that will come in handy at the summer wedding.

The names can be engraved on the end of the item, on the flap or on the tag that is attached to the handle.

cheap wedding souvenir ideas Nigeria

6. Wine Stoppers

Wine is an indispensable attribute of a date. A gift in the form of a bottle stopper will be just perfect. The designers have an infinite space for creativity here: the handle can be decorated with a photo of the bride and groom, monograms, original inscriptions and wonderful pictures of love themes.

And you can make an elegant accessory for wine, using natural ornaments, for example, corals or starfish. This option is the most relevant for a wedding in a marine style!

souvenir items for wedding in nigeria

7. Accessories for bottle opening

Another option for the present for the hot drinks theme is the opener for beer and soda water, as well as the corkscrews. The reason for the gift determines the shape. It should be elegant, laconic and preferably close to the wedding theme.

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wedding souvenirs in nigeria

8. Chocolate in personalized packaging

Choose this option if you will decide to focus on food!

It is simple and very original. You just have to buy chocolate, remove the top wrapper and wrap it in a new one, which can be printed in a printing house or on a good color printer.

By the way, you can even make a gift before the wedding – just print an invitation to the wedding on the wrapper!

wedding souvenirs samples

9. Presents in glass jars

This is a very cute present that looks just wonderful!

These can be small jars of jam, cooked by the bride or her mother. If you do not have time to do this at all, you can pack the purchased jam honey, jam, or even pellet in these jars. The guests can eat their presents or use them as a décor element of the interior.

souvenir items in nigeria

10. Unique glasses for drinks

Glasses and vessels with beautifully engraved initials and the date of the wedding will help to solve a few problems at once: to provide all the guests with vessels at the banquet and give them a reason to remember the event.

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wedding souvenir ideas in nigeria

11. Souvenir ideas for burial in Nigeria

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