Two Piece Wedding Gown Styles You Would Love

A two-piece wedding dress is definitely an unconventional choice of an outfit for your big day. However, if you’ve always considered yourself to be a fashion-forward person, or you simply don’t enjoy the traditional wedding style and want to try something different, here are 8 two-piece wedding gowns for your inspiration.

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1. Style #1

Two-piece wedding outfits often give off a boho vibe because they are less restrictive than traditional wedding fashion. If you’re a fan of the boho aesthetic, you can emphasize it with the right hairstyle and some floral accessories such as jewelry and a headpiece.

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2. Style #2

Not all two-piece wedding ensembles reveal your stomach or are visibly different from each other. Some of them are made from two pieces just to give you more opportunities for styling. For example, you can wear the same top with a ballgown skirt for the ceremony and with trousers for the reception.

3. Style #3

Here is another example of a charming boho two-piece wedding outfit for a free-spirited bride. This wedding look would fit great into any setting, but we can already imagine it on a beachfront wedding on a barefoot but very happy bride.

4. Style #4

When you have a killer midriff that you’ve worked on for a long time and are ready to show it on your big day, a two-piece wedding gown with a crop top is the perfect piece for you. It will feel so lightweight and relaxing that you will never regret choosing it over a heavy wedding ballgown.


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5. Style #5

If you enjoy the streamlined, chic type of wedding dresses but want to take your outfit to the next level, consider getting a two-piece wedding outfit with the same shape instead. It’s fresh and modern, but it’s also a timeless classic thanks to the design that never goes out of fashion.

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6. Style #6

Using a two-piece wedding ensemble instead of a wedding gown gives you more space for being creative than ever. You can try different colours, decor items, and shapes while also keeping your outfit perfectly appropriate for the wedding.


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7. Style #7

If you are the type of bride who is drawn to casual fabrics and designs instead of huge and very expensive wedding gowns, here is an outfit idea you will definitely love. This two-piece wedding outfit is incredibly cute and relaxed, but it’s also unmistakably chic.


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8. Style #8

With most two-piece wedding outfits, both pieces are made from the same material but can be decorated in different ways. Here is an example of a two-piece wedding dress made from different fabrics that create a perfect combination and make the whole look shine.

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