How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

The question “How to lose arm fat without gaining muscle?” is in the list of top popular among Nigerian ladies. The reason is flabby arms are really tricky – you may exercise regularly and have a balanced diet, but they aren’t going anywhere.

So how to get rid of arm fat? Is it even possible? You should forget about being desperate and think about a complex approach to the problem.


how to tone flabby arms

Whether you want it or not, the most effective way to deal with excess fat is physical activity. Just remember one significant detail: the best exercise to reduce arms for women differ from the one’s males practice. If you aren’t going to grow muscles, here’s the list of exercise to reduce arm fat you can use.

  • Start a weight routine with a warm-up; make an accent on shoulders.
  • Continue with press-ups and pull-ups – they are the worst enemy of flabby arms.
  • Arm bending with hand weights makes biceps well-shaped and activates fat burning.
  • Arm bending with hand weights behind your back is the most effective exercise for triceps. It also prevents flabby arms.
  • Plank is a complex exercise, which loads main muscle groups equally.

Balanced diet

how to tone flabby arms

Don’t worry, we aren’t speaking about strict food limits here. It is important to reduce the number of products rich in calories and junk food. At the same time, eating only salads and smoothies aren’t going to make you healthier. The organism should receive all the necessary elements from the foods that are less caloric.

Start with excluding fried food from your daily diet. Steamed and grilled products are a perfect alternative, often even the tastier one! Here’s an approximate list of foods:

  • lean poultry meat;
  • vegetables and greens;
  • fish and seafood;
  • cereals;
  • fruits and berries.

It is better to eat products, which contain carbs, in the in the morning hours and protein foods in the afternoon.


Above you saw the intensive edition of exercises, but it is only one of the option. If you want to find out how to get rid of flabby arms with less effort, think about gymnastics, pilates or yoga. Regular workouts reduce fats deposits and strengthen muscles.


how to tone flabby arms

The list of water activities includes swimming, alternating shower, cold water dousing, and more. These simple procedures intensify fat burning, boost metabolism, tone up the skin, and strengthen muscles. Just remember to start with mild temperature differences and move to tougher routine, otherwise, you may end up with a cold.

Clear drinking water

Don’t forget about proper hydration. Start with drinking a glass of room indoor temperature water in the morning and continue drinking during the day. A bottle or a glass of water should be always within sight. Water cleans the organism from toxins and tones it.


how to tone flabby arms

A complex approach is the best strategy so massage will be more effective as an extra for physical activity. Fulling and chirapsia have a visible effect on subcutaneous tissue, intensifying fat burning. You can visit a specialist or do the massage on your own.

Body wrapping

Sea salt and seaweed are the best for fat burning wraps. They sped up lymph flow, even cellulite bumps, and reduce swelling. Mix salt with vegetable oil, distribute evenly over a problematic zone, then cover for 30 minutes. Moisturize the skin after this procedure to keep it healthy.