How To Choose The Right Laptop For Yourself

Since the start of the 21st century, laptops went from being exclusively work gadgets to must-have devices we use for every aspect of our lives. With so many different types of laptops to choose from, the process of selection often turns out to be complicated. Find out how to select a good laptop right now!

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1. Choose the right size

Learning how to choose a new laptop starts with identifying your ideal laptop size. There are several types of laptops by size, which can be divided into three groups:

  1. 13+ inch laptops, which are loved for their portability and low weight. These laptops are a great option for those who often travel with their devices, but their small screen isn’t the best choice for gaming, and their keyboard is often too small for big typing jobs.
  2. 17+ inch laptops, which are a favourite kind of laptops for gamers. Their screen size allows you to enjoy high-resolution gaming and videos for an all-encompassing experience, but their large dimensions make them less suitable for carrying around every day.
  3. 15+ inch laptops, which are often viewed as the compromise between small and large laptops. These devices perform great as work computers, but they can also be used for gaming, video and photo editing, and everything you have in mind for your new laptop.

How to choose a laptop

2. Choose the right form factor

In order to know how to choose laptop, you need to know your ideal form factor. Most laptops today have a simple design, where the screen can be folded onto the keyboard.

Some laptops have the same design, but their display is actually a touch screen. This is a great laptop option for anyone performing specific tasks like photo and video editing. Finally, the most expensive type of laptop form factor is the 2-in-1 devices, which can transform into a tablet and then back into a laptop.

If you’re looking for a basic device to perform standard tasks, you can save money by going for the most common laptop form factor. However, touch screens and 2-in-1 designs are a more modern and much more expensive option.

How to choose a laptop

3. Choose the right laptop specifications

The best laptop brands like HP, Sony, Acer, Dell, and Asus, have a wide range of laptops that have different characteristics for different categories of buyers. If you want to choose the best laptop for you, here are the most important specs to consider:

  • RAM. Today even inexpensive laptops have at least 4GB of RAM, so if you don’t want to be unable to run even two simple apps at once don’t go for anything less than 4GB. 8GB will give you an opportunity to play the latest games and do all kinds of performance-intensive work.
  • Processor. Choosing the ideal processor is more complicated. Intel Core is the safest choice: you can go for the Intel Core i3 if you’re shopping on a budget, but an i7 processor will give you a much faster performance.
  • Graphics processor. Most laptops have an integrated graphics processor, but if you plan to play the newest games, opt for a dedicated graphics chipset from AMD or Nvidia.
  • Storage. Modern laptops usually have SSD storage, which is faster and more responsive than traditional HDD. If you’re only going to work online, you can choose a cheaper laptop with a 32GB SSD, but a 128GB SSD and up will give you more freedom of storing files.
  • Operating system. Unless you are a programmer or advanced user who needs an alternative OS for work, in most cases you will have to choose between Windows and MacOS. The choice depends on your experience, software needs, and budget: MacOS laptops are made by Apple and cost significantly more than Windows laptops.
  • Battery life. This parameter is crucial if you want to often travel with your laptop. You can find out about each laptop’s battery life from reviews: small laptops should offer up to 10 hours of battery life, while a 15-inch laptop will likely give you from 5 to 7 hours.

Wondering how to check laptop specs? Simply look at the laptop description if you’re shopping online. If you already have the laptop in your hands, go to My Computer -> Properties -> System, and you’ll see the most important laptop specifications.

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