Shirt Dresses You Will Love

Shirt dresses are one of the hottest fashion trends of last summer. It seems like everyone these days owns a shirt gown, from Instagram fashionistas to international celebrities. Upgrade your own shirt dress style with these glamorous looks!

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1. White shirt dress

Shirt dresses for women are a staple of the casual wardrobe: wear your new plain white shirt dress with a pair of white sneakers and you have a pretty good chance of becoming the queen of street fashion!

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

2. Patterned shirt dress

An easy way to get a trendy long sleeve shirt dress this year is to use one of the famous, instantly recognizable pattern – then you won’t need any complex styling,as the dress will speak for itself.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

3. Denim shirt dress

Turns out mix and match styles work great for shirt dresses as well: these two shades of denim look fantastic when paired in one cute shirt dress.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

4. Jean shirt dress

The classic shade of denim in this dress would be great on its own, but adding the star pattern turned it into the eye-catching, striking garment every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

5. Chiffon shirt dress

Even solid-coloured shirt dresses can look extremely fashionable – chiffon is such a classy fabric that it has dozens of equally trendy uses.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

6. Striped shirt dress

These bold black and white stripes are reminiscent of the classic men’s style, and that’s exactly what makes this shirt dress so noteworthy.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

7. Butterfly shirt dress

Capture the adorable summer vibe by adding this cute butterfly pattern to your shirt dress and combining it with another trendy pattern.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

8. Polka dot shirt dress

If you’re a fan of the retro polka dot pattern, you can rock your favourite design in dozens of different dresses, but this loose-fitting shirt dress seems the comfiest one.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

9. Ankara shirt dress

Ankara and shirt dress design are a match made in heaven: any Ankara pattern you can imagine would fit perfectly into this classic shirt dress silhouette.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

10. Plain and pattern shirt dress

Now you don’t have to choose between two of your favourite fabrics – they can perfectly coexist in one stunning shirt dress!

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

11. Striped shirt dress

The beauty of the traditional shirt dress silhouette is that it looks equally great when worn with heels for a formal outing and flats for a casual look.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

12. Tartan shirt dress

Autumn is the perfect time to add a beautiful tartan shirt dress to your collection, so if you don’t own anything in this trendy pattern yet, this dress is a great way to start.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

13. Maxi shirt dress

A shirt dress, especially a maxi gown with a breathtaking slit, can become a great addition to your formal wardrobe.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

14. Short Ankara shirt dress

This Ankara shirt dress can be worn in variety of ways: you can rock it on its own or wear it over your favourite pair of skinny jeans or leggings.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

15. Satin shirt dress

When the occasion calls for a truly special outfit, everything matters, including the cut, the fabric, and the colour of the dress. Needless to say, this gorgeous dress has it all!

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

16. Asymmetric shirt dress

This asymmetric shirt dress with a pastel pattern can become your go-to outfit to any occasion, from the church to a wedding.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

17. Satin striped shirt dress

This shirt dress is the epitome of chic with its elegant satin fabric, sophisticated colours, and a classically beautiful design.

18. Plain and pattern shirt dress

Here is another example of how plain fabric can brighten up pattern fabric to create a shirt dress that won’t let you go unnoticed.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

19. Shirt dress with pockets

Pockets may seem like a minor detail to add to a shirt dress, but the truth is that they add both style and comfort to the garment.

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

20. Ankara shirt dress

A flattering shirt dress silhouette, waist-highlighting belt, elegant Ankara pattern – what more could you want from your new favourite dress?

Shirt dress styles in Nigeria

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