Ladies Motorcycle Price In Nigeria + Buying Guide

A motorcycle can rightfully compete in popularity with cars – they are fast, fuel-efficient, easy to drive, and very manoeuvrable. More and more women choose bikes over cars, but how to know what is the best motorcycle for a woman? Find out how to choose one and the current ladies motorcycle price in Nigeria!

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1. How to choose a ladies motorcycle in Nigeria

Before you learn the new ladies motorcycle price in Nigeria, let’s find out how to make the right choice when shopping for a new motorcycle. Here are a few tips that will help ladies choose the best bike:

  1. The most important choice you’ll need to make is a choice between different types of motorcycles. Today buyers can choose from standard bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, sports bikes, and dual sport bikes. Each of those motorcycles will be able to take you anywhere you want, but the driving qualities and the comfort they provide differ greatly from one type to another.
  2. Another essential choice you should be prepared to make is the choice of the engine size. The bigger the engine, the more exciting performance your motorcycle will deliver. However, novice motorcycle drivers will feel more secure with a smaller engine. The engine size is measured in cubic centimetres: for example, a 110cc bike has the engine capacity of 110 cubic centimetres.
  3. The fit of the motorcycle is the third most important parameter of your new ride. The bike shouldn’t be too big and heavy – you may not be able to fully control it, especially in unexpected situations. The seat and the handles should be conveniently placed: if you can’t touch the ground with your feet when sitting on the motorcycle or it takes a lot of effort to reach the handles, this model is too tall for you and you should look for another one.

Ladies motorcycle price in Nigeria

2. Women’s motorcycle price in Nigeria

There are many motorcycles designed specifically for women in the international market, but not many of them make their way to Nigeria. That is why if you’re determined to buy a motorcycle for ladies, you’ll need to choose from just a couple of makes and models.

The most affordable option is a Sinoki Supra motorcycle. It’s a Chinese brand that produces stylish and practical motorcycle that will be a great fit for your lifestyle. You can get a Sinoki Supra bike for 100,000-120,000.

Ladies motorcycle price in Nigeria

A Jincheng motorcycle is another popular choice of a bike for ladies. This is another brand that hails from China and produces motorcycles with an improved fit for women drivers. A Jincheng bike will cost you from 120,000 to 150,000.

Ladies motorcycle price in Nigeria

Perhaps, the most popular women’s motorcycle brand in Nigeria right now is Qlink. Their Qlink Target model is selling like hot cakes. This bike looks distinctively designed for women, but it is also surprisingly sturdy. You can buy a Qlink Target for 150,000-₦200,000.

Ladies motorcycle price in Nigeria

If you operate on a smaller budget and can’t afford a 200,000 motorcycle, you are not out of options, as you can easily buy a used bike for a half of that price. Check out neat used bikes on Jiji, where you can find your new ride for 100,000 and up!

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