Latest Ghana Weaving Shuku Styles

Ghana weaving and shuku are two of the most popular hairstyles for women in Nigeria. Often shuku hairstyles are paired with traditional Ghana weaving to create versatile and glamorous shuku Ghana weaving styles. Check out 20 latest Ghana weaving shuku styles right now!

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1. Hairstyle #1

Most women choose Ghana weaving shuku styles for casual wear, but they can also successfully fit your look on a very special day – including your traditional wedding, where your hairstyle will perfectly match your native outfit.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

2. Hairstyle #2

A long Ghana braids shuku hairstyle may be harder to maintain than short braids, but the way they enhance your impeccable style is certainly worth the effort.

3. Hairstyle #3

The perfect geometry of this hairstyle makes you want to recreate it on your own hair, and with a very skilful hairstylist everything is possible!

4. Hairstyle #4

If thick braids aren’t exactly your style or you’re in a mood for something new, consider getting shuku cornrows that consist of a myriad of tiny and delicate braids.

5. Hairstyle #5

Even though Ghana weaving shuku braids look fabulous on their own, putting additional accents in your hairstyle never hurts, and these metallic hair decorations have been all the rage in 2018.

6. Hairstyle #6

Traditionally, shuku hairstyle is made with one bun on top of the head, but if you’re in a mood to try something new with your hair, a cute and youthful two-bun shuku style will be right up your street.

7. Hairstyle #7

Adding metallic highlights to your Ghana weaving is a subtle yet effective way to make your hairstyle simply impossible to miss.

8. Hairstyle #8

A pop of colour is always a good idea for upgrading the latest Ghana weaving shuku styles: they add a unique touch to your look and help you express your personality better.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

9. Hairstyle #9

Red and black are a colour combination that always looks great, whether it’s in clothes, accessories, or this charming Ghana weaving shuku style.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

10. Hairstyle #10

Long blonde braids were popularized by Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video, but now they are going through a second wave of popularity thanks to their wide use in Ghana weaving shuku styles.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

11. Hairstyle #11

Copper-coloured braids are an ideal choice for fall – just imagine how great they’ll look with your favourite autumn styles!

Ghana weaving shuku styles

12. Hairstyle #12

Ghana weaving shuku isn’t the most common choice for a bride on her wedding day, but that’s only what will make your look special if you go for this style on your wedding!

Ghana weaving shuku styles

13. Hairstyle #13

Try something different with your Ghana weaving shuku look – for example, experiment with the thickness or placement of the braids.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

14. Hairstyle #14

A two-tone Ghana weaving style is currently gaining popularity, and red plus black remain the most beloved colour option for shuku fans.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

15. Hairstyle #15

You can’t help but be impressed by the level of attention to the detail that went into creating this hairstyle: these tiny braids and cornrows are simply stunning!

Ghana weaving shuku styles

16. Hairstyle #16

This variety of Ghana weaving shuku is much more relaxed than the traditional weaving and can be an ideal choice of a hairstyle for those who prefer casual style.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

17. Hairstyle #17

Neat, equally-sized brads, trendy bun, and a subtle pop of colour are the most important ingredients for a successful Ghana weaving shuku look.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

18. Hairstyle #18

Half up, half down hairstyle have been among the most popular Nigerian hairstyles for years now, and this style works perfectly with Ghana weaving shuku!

Ghana weaving shuku styles

19. Hairstyle #19

Here is another example of how modern Ghana weaving shuku hairstyle can perfectly fit into the traditional clothing style of Nigerian ladies.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

20. Hairstyle #20

This intricate hairstyle may take a lot of time for planning and even more time for execution, but the stunning result is definitely worth it.

Ghana weaving shuku styles

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