Net Lace Styles You Will Love

As one of the most popular Nigerian fabrics, lace has dozens of varieties, each with its unique look and use. Net lace styles have been everywhere this year, but they’re an especially popular choice for weddings. Check out 15 of the most beautiful net material styles of 2018 right now!

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1. Blue and gold net lace dress

Dark blue and gold is one of the most sophisticated colour combinations available today, so it’s not surprising that it’s used in some of the most elegant net lace gown styles of the year.

2. Gold net lace gown

Here is another version of the blue and gold net lace colour pairing, but instead of being used in the dress, here blue is featured in the accessories. This move gives a nice balance to the look, and the peplum adds to the beauty of the dress.

3. Red net lace gown

Red is, perhaps, the most elegant colour of them all, which makes any dress in this shade look almost regal. The unique cut of this gown makes it one of the most visually arresting looks of the year.

4. Wine red net lace gown

The wine red colour, also known as burgundy, is popular all year round, but now that we’re nearing the holiday season, it once again becomes a true must-have for a woman’s wardrobe.

5. Pink net lace dress

While net lace is mostly used in long gowns, some of the best from the latest net lace styles are actually cute short dresses, like this adorable light pink garment.

6. Turquoise net lace gown

If you want to go all in for your new net lace look, why not choose the mermaid cut? It gives you an opportunity to rock even more beautiful lace fabric in one outfit!

7. Red net lace dress

Some of the most memorable cord net styles are the ones with subtle design features – for example, the reveal of the open backline of this gown surely impressed the guests of the event.

8. Red and gold net lace gown

Due to their sheer nature, cord net lace styles often need to be lined, and you can use the colour of the lining fabric to further improve your look.

9. Purple net lace skirt and blouse

If you already have too many gowns in your wardrobe and want to try something new, go for the elegant combination of net lace skirt and blouse with a trendy peplum design.

10. Blue and beige net lace dress

Although we love the outfit on the right, the lady on the left rocked one of the most gorgeous net lace dresses we’ve seen all year – this pattern is simply divine.

11. Yellow and blue net lace dress

Thinking of getting a new Aso Ebi? This cheerful blue and yellow colour combination is going to be one of the hottest ones next spring!

12. Net lace blouse

A net lace dress isn’t the only way to enjoy some delicate net lace material – it also looks incredible in casual styles, like this cute blouse.

13. Green and beige net lace dress

The green pattern of this net lace gown is beautiful on its one, but it looks even more striking against the plain beige background of the lining.

14. Purple net lace gown

Another way to upgrade the net lace material is to pair it with another fabric – this purple dress actually features three different lace materials!

15. Net lace crop top and skirt

If you have a more adventurous and modern taste in fashion, then this crop top and skirt outfit made with net lace should be right up your street!

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