How To Become A Quickteller Agent

Lately, a lot of people have become interested in becoming Quickteller Agents. A question arises: what’s so special do Nigerians find in this profession? To your great surprise, this is a great opportunity to receive extra income or even a solid start of a successful career in finance.

To become a qualified professional, one should understand how the field is functioning on every level. The only way to understand it is to try everything on your own. Many successful people start from working as call center agents and personal assistants before making a serious move.

Such background helps a person to experience every stage of the company and get a complete picture of the industry they are involved in. Moreover, it will make a person value personal career growth more. Back to Quickteller Agents, let’s find out what they do and how you can join the ranks.

Job placement: Quickteller Paypoint

Quickteller Paypoint is a spot where all IFIS products can be purchased. It specializes in different kinds of financial operations – cash transfers, withdrawals and deposits, insurance, air recharge, etc. Every Agent is to deal with the abovementioned and similar tasks, and your place will become a specific help center.

Every Quickteller Paypoint was opened in order to assist customers, who are not very good with technologies and simple financial operations. It turns out, there are a lot of those that prefer using help instead of dealing with these tasks on their own.

What do quickteller agents do?

Although this is a white-collar work in finance, the range of your responsibilities will be quite wide. It is complicated to list all the tasks you are going to deal with as a Quickteller Agent. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • financial services to individuals and registered agents on behalf of the company;
  • airtime recharge for all networks;
  • bills settlement and payment;
  • internal funds transfer – sending and receiving money;
  • account management, including the opening;
  • cash/funds withdrawal;
  • deposits to accounts of the third parties;
  • different kinds of payments – tickets, insurance, commissions, etc.

What are the benefits?

The job is exciting but certainly not an easy one. Quickteller Agents meet hundreds of people every day. They communicate with hundreds of strangers and need to find a personal approach to each in order to help. And let’s be honest, not all of the visitors are pleasant people.

If this thing bothers you, think about the advantages:

  • training and support (marketing support in general and field in particular);
  • constant workload with the guaranteed volume of transactions;
  • additional income – commission for all services;
  • positive brand association and social relevance;
  • upgrading your social skills;
  • networking and studying different target audiences for your further projects.

The basic requirements

If you plan to open a new Quickteller location, it doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or a businessman of any scale. The Quickteller point will become a strong financial support. If you are interested in becoming an Agent, consider the following requirements. A Quickteller Agent:

  1. Is able to read and write.
  2. Possesses a functional smartphone, preferably Android.
  3. Has a shop or any other business outlet.
  4. Has completed the application/agreement.
  5. Has a valid ID to provide for the registration.
  6. Has a proof of an address.
  7. Provides a passport-sized photograph for documents.
  8. Is ready to show bank account details.

You can just complete the form to leave your contact details. If you do everything attentively, without mistakes, and following the directions, you will receive a positive feedback very soon. Before submitting, calculate the minimum investment for convenient start, and begin the training right after you receive the confirmation.

It all will take up to a week so don’t be in a hurry to start. Think once more whether you are determined enough to undertake such serious responsibilities. If the duties don’t scare you or the perspectives seem truly attractive, fill in the form immediately.