Latest Agbada Design 2018 Ideas You Must See!

All the true Africans understand that in order to protect their cultural heritage from extinction, they should opt for the traditional attires. And since the new, different designs of Agbada are appearing, many younger and older people are really interested in discovering newest stunning Agbada styles!

Let’s take a close look at the latest Agbada design ideas brought by the best Nigerian designers!

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agbada styles

1. Latest Agbada styles for men

1.1. Agbada black casual attires

You know that black color goes perfectly with every other color, it is trendy in any season and it is perfect for any occasion. A trendy Agbada attire sewn from a high-quality black fabric shows your class, status and flawless style.

latest agbada styles

1.2. Trendy Agbada styles with Guinea

This is an ethnic and quite modest native African attire, and if you choose this style? That means you are a real «trendyman»!

These loose fitted outfits look perfectly with the stylish accessories of black shades, creating a real swag style.

nigerian agbada styles

1.3. Agbada attires with mint green or rose gold

The most stylish guys wear no-sleeved rose & gold Agbada attires to a formal/semi-formal occasions. Complete it with an ethnic hat to fulfill the look.

trendy agbada styles

1.4. Agbada attire with the block printing

An Agbada attire created with the white robe with black & red printing can become your perfect fashion statement! Rock it with a fashionable red hat to complement your trendy look.

nigerian agbada styles

1.5. Short Agbada for men

Short Agbada outfit is the best choice to send the correct signals to everyone around. If you are a true connoisseur of lace, Guinea and atiku, opt for this killer combo!

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short agbada for men

Best agbada styles for guys to rock in 2018

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2. Agbada styles for ladies

2.1. Grey/silver Nigerian Agbada styles

This grey/silver Agbada outfit with an authentic embroidery looks like the one of these vibrant stylish attires from the latest collection: it looks very elegant and it is the best choice for a serious official event that you were waiting for!

agbada for ladies

2.2. Sky blue Agbada

This outfit is your must-have for summer, but you can easily wear it anytime, because it looks trendy and appropriate.  

different designs of agbada

2.3. Bubblegum pink Agbada for ladies

This is one of the most favorite latest Agbada styles for ladies! These is no other color that looks so feminine; and if it helps to express your personality, then this is your recipe for success!

female agbada styles

2.4. Monochrome Agbada

This fashionable style is unbelievably sophisticated, and you can make it look even more elegant if you combine two complementary shades in your new look!

agbada styles for ladies

2.5. Short female Agbada styles

The short cut of this outfit will give you freedom in your movements, so you will spend your day in your regular active manner. And this deep beautiful color will look just great on anyone!

latest agbada styles for ladies

Creative Agbada Styles for Ladies: Agbada Design for Ladies

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