Things To Look Forward To In 2019! Movies, Smartphones, Albums And More!

2018 has been a very eventful year for culture and technology, but 2019 is shaping up to be even more interested in terms of new releases. Now that we’re getting closer and closer to 2019, find out what to look forward to next year!

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1. 2019 movies

In 2019 everyone will find a movie to love. Whether you love action movies, superhero franchises, or prefer romantic comedies, there are dozens of 2019 film releases to be excited about:

  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Watch your favourite X-Men make a long-awaited return! This movie was originally supposed to come out in 2017, which makes this release even more exciting.
  • Terminator 6. If you can’t get enough of your favourite Terminator, buckle your seatbelt for the most unexpected rendition of the story yet – this time with most of the focus on women!
  • Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. If giant mysterious creatures ruining everything in their paths are more up your street, then you’ll love the first film featuring Godzilla since 2014.
  • Joker. If you’ve always been interested in the origin story of one of the most notorious villains in the superhero history, get ready to experience a myriad of emotions!
  • Avengers 4. It’s one of the most secretive projects of 2019, and for a good reason – fans of the franchise don’t want to be spoiled before the official release.
What to look forward to in 2019

2. 2019 albums

Want to know which new amazing records to add to your playlist in 2019? Here is just a taste of what is coming in the next 12 months:

  • The favourite South African duo Die Antwoord are preparing to release their final album as the band. It will consist of a whopping 27 tracks and will feature numerous collaborations with other popular artists.
  • Riding high on the success of her debut album, Cardi B is determined not to lose the momentum. That is why 2019 will definitely bring us Cardi’s brand new record.
  • Kanye West remains one of the most productive rap artists in the industry and is getting ready to release his new album called Yandhi some time next year.
  • The Weeknd is releasing his fourth album in 2019, which is said to signal the R’n’B star’s transition back to the music that made him famous in the first place.
  • Rihanna, who hasn’t had a new album up in years, has teased not one, but two new records in completely different styles!
What to look forward to in 2019

3. 2019 Smartphones

Every year smartphone brands have lots of new models in store for us, and here is what we should expect to come out next year:

  • Apple surely won’t miss the chance to deliver at least one new iPhone, although judging by their recent release patterns, we should expect at least 3 new models.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 will continue Samsung’s incredibly successful Galaxy lineup of devices, and the newest model has been already confirmed to have 5G capabilities.
  • This year the Vivo Nex S made a lot of buzz with its innovative design, but next year’s Vivo Nex model is expected to have a dual screen, which will be hard to top for other brands!
What to look forward to in 2019

4. Other 2019 events

What else will 2019 bring us? Here is just a taste of the upcoming events:

  • The final season of Game of Thrones will premiere in April 2019.
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup will take part in France in early summer of 2019.
  • A number of cult Disney films like Lion King and Aladdin will get a live-action treatment.
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first baby in the spring of 2019.
What to look forward to in 2019

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