Guide To Buying A Nigerian Used Car

Buying a car, even when it’s used, is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in your life. That is why you want to make the best possible choice of a vehicle. Find out how to safely buy a used car in Nigeria right now!

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1. Where to buy used cars?

There are thousands of outlets in Nigeria selling used vehicles, but you don’t want to buy your car from a random place – you only need the best place to buy used cars.

If you’re looking for the best place to buy second hand cars, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your experience of buying a used vehicle on Jiji. You can choose from hundreds of makes and thousands of models no matter what your budget is and where you are located.

2. How to choose a used car

Once you go to Jiji to look for your new ride, you will have a very important choice to make. Here are some things to consider when making that choice:

  • Your budget. Remember that your overall budget doesn’t include just the price of the car – it also includes the inspection, transportation, registration, and legal fees.
  • Make and model. Some car brands and models are known for being extremely reliable and durable, while others are notorious for having frequent mechanical problems and other issues. Research your desired makes and models beforehand!
  • Your needs. What exactly do you need your car to have? Will you often need to carry heavy cargo or drive your whole family around. Can you afford higher fuel expenses or do you need the most fuel efficient car? Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow down the list.
  • Resale value. Sooner or later you will want to sell your car – for example, when you decide to upgrade. A car with a higher resale value will allow you to get as nearly much money for it as you paid in the first place.
  • Price. When you are looking for a car online, one of the most important steps to buying a used car is to research the price of the car you’re considering. Simply pick several cars of the same make, model, and production year to find out whether the seller is charging a fair price.
How to buy a used Nigerian car

3. How to buy a used car

The best way to buy a used car is after an inspection by a professional mechanic. However, before you get to that step, there some other things you need to do:

  1. Contact the Jiji seller with a request to arrange a viewing. We urge you to arrange a meeting in a public place to increase the security of the transaction. If the seller asks for a partial or full advance payment, never transfer the money before seeing the car to avoid being scammed.
  2. After meeting with the seller, immediately start the car inspection. At this stage, you can carry out the inspection by yourself, and if you’re happy with what you’re seeing, then you can take it to a professional mechanic. You will need to inspect the car thoroughly from the inside and outside, noticing any red flags.
  3. The next crucial step is the test drive. Here you will need to drive the car like you normally do, as well as put the car in some specific situations to see how it reacts. For example, you will need to increase and decrease the speed, use the brakes, drive over potholes, and make turns.
  4. If you’re completely satisfied with the car’s condition and performance, you can make an offer to the seller. If the seller agrees, all you need to do is check the paperwork, arrange the procedure of the change of ownership, pay the money for the car, and take your new ride for a spin.

Here is a video that will teach you the specifics of inspecting a Nigerian used car:

How To Inspect A Used Car Before Buying

Buying a used car is not a task for the faint-hearted and so here is a comprehensive video to teach you how to inspect a car before buying. When you go out for a car check, you are always one split decision away from either buying a great car that will serve you well for years to come or one that will banish you indefinitely to a mechanics workshop.

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