How To Start Your Car With Your Phone

Mobile phones have given us thousands of new possibilities ever since they started getting more common, but few smartphone users know about the benefits of using them with cars. Find out how to start, unlock, and track your car with your phone!

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1. How to unlock your car using your phone

Every car owner has wondered at least once in their life: “Can I unlock my car with my iPhone or Android device?” The good news is that Apple, Samsung, and car brands are working together to create a universal Digital Key, which will allow you to remotely unlock your car.

While the new solution is still being developed, there are a few tips and tricks you can try. As of now, there is no app to lock and unlock car that would work for every make and model. However, if you type “how to open my car with my phone” into Google, you will discover this video, and some drivers say this trick worked for them!

Unlock car with cell phone

My friend showed me how to send your cars signal through a phone call. my friend walked a block away and called my phone then sent the signal through his phone to mine and the car unlocked.

2. How to start your car with your smartphone

Remotely starting your car seems like a great idea: you can heat up the engine, turn on air conditioning, and prepare the car for the drive while you’re still finishing your morning coffee. Unfortunately, we are still years away from having a universal that would work on every car and smartphone.

The next best thing to the being able to start your car by tapping on your smartphone screen is a remote car starter for Android phones and iPhones called Viper SmartStart. It’s a combination of a mobile app and a module that is installed inside the car.

Once the car is connected to the module, you can enjoy all the benefits of being able to unlock, start, and track your car without actually being in it. Viper offers a variety of packages ranging from one user per one car to family plans.

How to start a car with your phone

3. How to track your car using mobile phone

There are many reasons why you need to know how to track your car with iPhone or Android device, from being able to find your car in a busy parking lot to tracking down the location of your vehicle in case it gets stolen.

If you want to be able to track your car in case it gets stolen, you will need to purchase additional hardware like a GPS tracker. For most other cases of looking for your car, you can use one of these two tracking apps:

  • Google Maps. This free app, available for both platforms, allows you to mark the place where you left your car on the map. The app will then give you directions to get to your car in the shortest amount of time.
  • Life360. This app, available for a monthly or yearly payment, was initially designed to help family members keep track of each other. Recently the developers added a ‘Driver Protect’ feature, which will help you track your car more efficiently.
How to start a car with your phone

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