Packing Gel Hairstyles: Best Of 2018

Over the last decades the beauty industry has designed hundreds of products for styling women’s hair, from crochet braids to packing gel. In fact, parking gel hairstyles are one of the hair trends that were big in the 1990s and have recently made a surprising comeback.

There are many different styles of packing gel you can try, but the most popular one has always been a stylish and versatile updo. Check out the best ways to rock packing gel!

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1. What you’ll need to create the look

If you’ve never worked with packing gel before and want to try the sleek and refined packing gel look, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hair tie and bobby pins
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Hair brush
  • Hair gel
  • Spray bottle containing water

This list of tools is for long packing gel styles created with natural hair. If your hair is at its growing out stage, you can still enjoy gel hairstyles for short hair – in that case you’ll also need braiding hair to achieve that long and luscious look.

2. Packing gel hairstyle tutorial

Gel hairstyles for ladies can get quite complex, but once you master the basic skills of working with hair gel, advancing your technique will be a breeze. Follow these steps to recreate one of the most popularof styles of packing gel.

  1. Spray your hair with water to moisten it just a little.
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb to spread hair gel in a thin layer all over your hair in upwards motions.
  3. Repeat the same motions with a dense hair brush to distribute the hair gel all over your head, aiming for the top of your head.
  4. Use a hair tie to secure the hair in a ponytail on top of your head. Tame any stray hair strands with more hair gel or bobby pins.
  5. You can leave the ponytail as it is, possibly decorating it with a nice scrunchie – it’s one of the classic gel hairstyles. You can also twist your hair into an updo – in that case you’ll need more bobby pins and possibly some hairspray to keep the bun as neat as possible.

3. Top latest packing gel hair styles

For the first packing gel style, the hair was first arranged in a braid that was then twisted around to create a messy bun.

To recreate this voluminous updo style, you may need extensions. Alternatively, you can slightly fluff up the ponytail before twisting it around for a fuller look.

The next hairstyle is so impressive that it would work great on a wedding or important social event. For this updo you will need an extra braid for wrapping around the main bun as a finishing touch.

Here is an everyday hairstyle that would work even for super short hair – simply follow our tutorial and use some matching hair extensions to style the updo.

For a fully sleek packed gel look it’s better to go for a ponytail instead of a bun. This look works perfectly for everyday occasions, but it will also effortlessly elevate your look on a special day.

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