Knotless Braid Styles You Would Love

Knotless braids are not exactly a brand new hairstyle, but they are getting more and more popular among the fans of protective styles. Knotless braids give you nearly unlimited room for styling and don’t bring any extra tension to your head and scalp, making knotless braids one of the healthiest choices for your hair. Here are 8  knotless braid styles you would love!

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1. Style #1

Medium-length braids are one of the most versatile hair choices you can make. They are not as short as bob braids, giving you more opportunities, but they are not too long to make it harder for you to wear them loose.

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2. Style #2

Asymmetry is a growing trend in protective hairstyles and it’s commonly worn in a combination with knotless braids. If you don’t mind your hair looking the same every day while you are wearing your braids, this knotless design is the way to go.

3. Style #3

Thick braids are a fresh and trendy hairstyle. Plus, when it’s a knotless design, they feel very lightweight on your head. You may not be able to create a lot of styles with thick braids, but they look fabulous on their own.


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4. Style #4

If you’re looking for a new style to try, we suggest multicoloured braids. They have a lot of advantages and are incredibly versatile. You can go for just two colours or combine four or more shades in the same hairstyle.

5. Style #5

One of the most universal knotless hair styles is box braids. You’ve probably worn your share of box braids in your lifetime, but once you get knotless box braids, you will feel like it’s the most lightweight style you’ve ever tried.

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6. Style #6

Knotless jumbo braids are a fresh twist on the incredibly popular jumbo braid hairstyle. Knotless jumbo braids look just as good as the original braids but they are much more comfortable to wear and easy to style.


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7. Style #7

Knotless boho braids are a must-try hairstyle of the season. The combination of different shapes and textures looks downright exquisite and can fit all kinds of personal styles and preferences.

8. Style #8

Even with the most common kind of braids, there are still plenty of ways to upgrade your hairstyle and make it different from everyone else’s. The curled ends and the baby hairs in this hairstyle are a genius touch and worth recreating.

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