Where To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria?

In the past few decades, car went from being a luxury to becoming an absolute necessity. However, not everyone has the budget to buy a brand new vehicle. Find out where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria right now!

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1. Where to buy cars in Nigeria offline

Many car buyers in Nigeria still prefer to shop for their vehicles in offline locations. This method has its obvious benefits – namely, you can inspect and test drive the car without previously arranging a meeting with the seller.

However, buying cars offline also has some drawbacks. Most importantly, the prices at offline locations are usually higher, since the seller has to pay the fees to the owner of the salon or market where the car is displayed.

If you plan to travel to an offline car market to buy a used vehicle, you need to make an important decision: do you want a Tokunbo or a Nigerian used car? Depending on your answer, you will also need to adjust your budget. Here are top 3 ways to shop used cars for sale in Nigeria offline:

  1. Your local newspaper or print ads can be a great source of cheap used cars. The benefit of this method is that you likely won’t need to travel too far to view the vehicle, which means you’ll be able to save money. However, the variety of cars sold this way is very limited.
  2. The Berger Auto Market in Apapa is one of the leading places to sell and buy used cars in Nigeria. There are mostly Tokunbo vehicles on sale and there is a good chance you’ll find your ideal car there. However, the overall price of the car will be considerably higher than it would be online.
  3. There are plenty of smaller car markets in many Nigerian cities. You can visit the market in your city, but the range of cars there is also limited, since the best cars are usually taken to Apapa or sold online.
Where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria?

2. Where to buy cars in Nigeria online

Now that we’re living in 2019, the most popular answer to the question “Where to buy cars in Nigeria?” is simply “online”. Shopping for a car online is very convenient and allows you to save money on the purchase.

Unfortunately, there are not too many ways to buy your dream used car online. If you’re very lucky, you will see an ad from someone you know on Facebook or other social media with a car they want to sell. However, it doesn’t happen very often.

The best way to look for a used car online is to use websites with classifieds. There are several classifieds websites available in Nigeria, but we recommend doing your car shopping on Jiji, since it’s the safest place for online shopping and there are lots of cars for sale in every Nigerian state.

When using Jiji, you will see thousands of used cars for sale in Nigeria by owner. You will be able to browse the cars by make, model, production year, colour, transmission, location, and other features.

Once you’ve found the car you like, all that is left to do is contact the seller, arrange a meeting, inspect and test drive your car, pay the price for the vehicle, and enjoy your new affordable ride!

Where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria?

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