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Look Book! Aso Ebi Styles For A Wedding Guest

Wedding guest dress

For most Nigerian women, a wedding is the best occasion to rock fabulous Aso Ebi dresses. So which styles for a wedding guest are we going to wear this year? Check out 20 trendiest Aso Ebi styles of this season!

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1. Mint and gold Aso Ebi

Mint green is a refreshing and trendy shade. It’s a fantastic colour for summer wedding guest dresses, but adding gold accents makes the whole outfit perfectly suitable for al year round.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

2. Turquoise Aso Ebi

Not all dresses to wear to a wedding have to conform to a certain standard – if you have your mind set on a shape and design of a dress that is not the most common choice for a wedding, choose it anyway!

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

3. Colour block Aso Ebi

This year one of the biggest fashion trends of the past few years – the colour blocking technique – is coming back into vogue. You can easily adapt this trend to Nigerian Aso Ebi styles!

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

4. Red and black Aso Ebo

If you want to go for a dramatic effect for your next wedding guest look, the combination of black and red is the best thing you can try. Plus, lace and ruffles go really well together!

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

5. Ankara Aso Ebi

It seems like Ankara will never lose its popularity for wedding guest dresses. Combining Ankara with a sold-coloured fabric brings out both materials and makes the dress even better.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

6. Red floral Aso Ebi

While floral patterns usually belong in summer wedding dresses, it all depends on the type of pattern you go for. This elegant red floral fabric is just as perfect for a winter ceremony.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

7. Black Aso Ebi

It’s not often that you’d see totally black winter wedding guest dresses, but that’s only what makes the next look even more amazing. This black gown is the perfect combo of drama and sophistication.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

8. Red Aso Ebi

Check out the way different shades of red highlight each other in this Aso Ebi gown! This dress would certainly win you the title of the best dressed guest at any wedding.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

9. Green Aso Ebi

In case you are looking for Asoebi styles that won’t let you go unnoticed, make sure there is at least one eye-catching detail – like this asymmetric bodice with 3D flowers.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

10. Pink Aso Ebi

Pink is one of the most popular Aso Ebi colours for weddings for many reasons: it’s feminine, it’s universally flattering, and it looks perfectly appropriate in any time of the year.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

11. Beige Aso Ebi

Beige is often considered a safe and even somewhat boring colour, but the overall look of the dress depends on the design as much as it depends on the shade.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

12. Navy Aso Ebi

The most elegant dresses for wedding guests have several outstanding features working in their favour. In case of this navy dress, it’s the beautiful patterned fabric and the trendy feather neckline decoration.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

13. Blue Aso Ebi

While traditionally wedding Aso Ebi styles are long, wearing a short dress can make you the most elegant wedding guest of the whole event!

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

14. Gold Aso Ebi

The gold colour and the fabulous fringe will help you lock everyone’s eyes on you as soon as you enter the room! There is no better way to feel like a queen than to wear gold.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

15. Black velvet Aso Ebi

Whether you want velvet, lace, satin, or gold fringe for your wedding guest outfit, you can have it all with your latest Aso Ebi.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

16. Baby pink Aso Ebi

If you want to look youthful and almost adorable as a wedding guest, go for one of the pastel colours – for example, this lovely shade of pink.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

17. Polka dot Aso Ebi

One of the trendiest patterns around the world finally made its way to Aso Ebi fashion! Polka dots look amazing in any situation and any colour palette.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

18. Short black Aso Ebi

Show off both your elegant taste and your killer legs with a knee-length black bandage wedding guest dress!

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

19. Aso Ebi with bell sleeves

Sometimes a gorgeous pattern isn’t the only component of a winning Aso Ebi outfit – this gown’s beautiful sleeves and open back also add to its look.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

20. Silver Aso Ebi

Simple, elegant, but far from boring – these qualities of the colour silver are exactly what makes it such a good choice for a wedding.

Wedding Aso Ebi styles

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