100 Ideas For A Small Flat

It’s nice to have a a spacious, tastefully decorated apartments, where all the interior items are designed in the same style and the space well organized and divided into zones. But our homes often have a small area, so their improvement – an urgent challenge. What should be done to make a small apartment commodious and not “littered” by things?

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1. The best style for design small apartments – minimalism. Don’t forget regularly throw out old things, turn it into a kind of ritual house cleaning of all superfluous and unnecessary.






And again, as paradoxical as it sounds, you can visually expand a small space.

2. For example, it is better to arrange a small apartment with large things. The rule is “the big one better than ten small.”


3. If your window overlooks the park or from the beautiful visible roof of the old town – reject the curtains and replace them by blinds. The room becomes lighter, and the space outside the window will be a continuation of the interior.


6. Mirror panels, reinforced on the walls and even on the ceiling, also visually increase the space. Mirrored plane to help “push” the wall, and the room visually expand. The same effect you will achieve if you put cabinet with mirrored sliding doors.

7. Ceiling height also affects the size of a small apartment: a large low room does not look big. And to make the ceiling visually higher designers recommend to choose the paint or wallpaper that is lighter than the walls, even on a single tone. Accordingly, making the ceiling darker you are visually reduce the room. But in fact, it’s not bad – then the room will have an additional plane, looking on which the eye can rest.


8. Minimum redevelopment techniques, replacing conventional swing doors on sliding, use built-in cabinets make the apartment more spacious.

9. Use not only horizontal space – you can coincide bed and working space, put bed into cabinet, use multifunctional and folding furniture.

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10. Use drawers.

Make drawers under the bed – there will be stored linens, spare pillows, blankets for the guests.
False floor can be used as a wardrobe.
Organize the closed shelves, mezzanine in the bathroom and toilet, there can be stored non-seasonal clothing and shoes, as well as household chemicals.
Instead stools use the ottomans: under the seats will be a place for some things.



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More ideas

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