Best Baby Formula In Nigeria Closest To Breast Milk

Feeding a baby with breast milk is most often unrealistic for many moms. However, every mom wants to choose the best baby formula in Nigeria for its optimal development. First of all, you should consult your pediatrician and only then choose the baby formula from this list.

This list of baby formula in Nigeria has been made for those moms who want to offer the ideal food for their babies. Each product in this list consists of premium quality ingredients as close to breast milk as possible. The products are suitable for both babies and toddlers for their harmonious development.

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1. Similac Baby Formula: Advance Non-GMO Infant Product

Similac Advance is the most popular premium baby formula brand in the US. Recently the company has started to market a non-GMO variant of this infant product. The formula consists of corn and soy while more than 90% of these products in America are genetically modified.

However, for Similac Advance only non-GMO organic ingredients are used to ensure maximum safety for your baby.

2. Pure Bliss Infant Formula With Fresh Milk From Grass-Fed Cows

If you and your baby enjoyed Similac during the first 12 months, you can go on feeding Similac to your toddler as well! Pure Bliss by Similac with milk from grass-fed cows has been designed to provide toddlers with all the 18 necessary nutrients as well as DHA (for brain growth), and probiotics (for your baby’s stomach).

3. Nestle NAN Growing Up Formula

NAN Growing Up Formula 1-3 years Stage 3 (400g) transforms every meal into a feast! It comes in powder and contains iron making it suitable to use from the first days of your baby’s life.

It has all the key vitamins and minerals for your baby. The bright 400g tin has a convenient plastic lid that closes tightly thus preventing germs from getting in.

4. Enfamil infant formula «Enspire» Product

This product has two compounds of natural breast milk: milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) and lactoferrin. They encourage your baby’s brain development, digestive health, and the immune system! This means that offering Enspire to your baby is almost the same as feeding it breast milk.

Therefore, Enspire can be considered the best baby formula from those offered!

5. SMA 1st Infant Milk Formula

Judging from numerous reviews SMA 1st Infant Milk Formula is considered the best baby food in Nigeria! The product contains a full set of key nutrients, Omega 3 with 6 LCPs and Alpha-protein to ensure your baby’s optimal development. The yellow plastic lid of the 450-gram tin is perfect to keep the product fresh at all times. It will give your baby the best possible start since it’s very close to breast milk.

It’s easy to prepare too: simply mix it with lukewarm water in a feeding bottle.

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