Best Microwave In Nigeria

Microwave oven has already become an appliance the majority cannot imagine their lives without. Wide selection of manufacturers and specifications sometimes make choosing a microwave a real challenge. So how to buy a microwave oven that is going to satisfy all your needs?

In this article, you will find basic criteria to consider besides microwave price. Also, we have picked five options to consider – this year’s newcomers and some listed among the best to use by Nigerians. 

microwave oven price

Picking the best microwave

  1. Consider the type: standard (heat food rapidly) or combi (additional cooking methods, like grill).
  2. Pay attention to special programs and modes (e.g. Panasonic’s Pana-crunch pan).
  3. Don’t forget about usability – buttons and signs that should be easy to understand, controls should feel convenient.
  4. Remember about favorite dishes. Do they fit on a turntable? If no, are you ready to change some kitchenware?
  5. Last but not least, size is also essential. Estimate if there’s enough room for your new microwave among other appliances.

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The best microwave in Nigeria

Microwave oven price depends on functionality you are looking for. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot. If you are looking for a basic heating & defrosting device and aren’t going to use specific features, focus on something simple. If you are looking for a hi-tech piece for your stylish kitchen, pay extra for design. If you don’t want to think much about future purchase, just get one of the following models.

Samsung MG14H3020

microwave oven price

Samsung offers mid-range and highly-priced appliances, enabled with hi-tech features, including efficient sensor cooking and best in-class warranty. Samsung MG14H3020CM, one of the most popular currently, has a sleek design with mirror-like service. This is also one of Samsung’s highlights.

Back to warranty, it is the biggest one you can find for a magnetron (the element creating electromagnetic waves) – 10-years. With this microwave, you won’t face any surprises. All pre-cooked dishes will be ready within the time indicated on the packages.

Tall glasses and wide plates easily fit in. 30-second button, Quick Cook setting and reheat function helps to worry less about timing calculations. With grill button, you’ll get perfectly crisp food. Samsung microwave price in Nigeria starts from N 14,000.

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microwave oven price

If you are looking for highly functional and reasonably priced kitchen appliances, start with LG microwave. The two-colored look is a matter of taste and probably one of the few disadvantages. After you discover a powerful ventilation fan that clears air faster than any other model, you may change your mind.

LG LMV18 13ST is the basic microwave with a bunch of convenient features and above-average capacity. With the help of a cooking rack you can divide the interior space and crate bi-level space. In terms of power, 1100 watts make it one of the best available.

The microwave is enabled with humidity sensors, reheat function, auto and rapid defrost options, three fan speed modes – quite an impressive kit. The cooktop light is also regulated. LG microwave oven price in Nigeria starts at N 9,000.

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Panasonic NN-DF386

microwave oven price

One of the newest and fairly priced appliances, Panasonic NN-DF386 offers a lot of programs and shows excellent results. It may be not the fastest you can find, but visually attracted and do-it-all appliance.

This model is not enabled with steaming functions, but it grills perfectly. Panasonic engineers decided to put the accent on precision instead of speed. Seven auto-weight programs let you deal easily with the most popular foods, including pizza, pasta and pastry.

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Sharp R861SLM

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Less known but surely not less functional, new Sharp’s appliance is good-looking, cooks evenly and is fairly priced. One of the surprising features that catches attention straight away is a pull-down door. Flatbed design with specific wire rack and baking tray provides better cooking flexibility.

Numerous adjustment features include time selection buttons – from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, defrosting by weight or time, cooking by grill, oven or combination method, six auto menu functions according to different foods. The only feature that might seem a little bit annoying is vibration and slight noise.

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Kenwood K25MMS14

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Kenwood seems a perfect kitchen appliance: highly functional, with sleek design, coming at reasonable price. It has got clear bright display and simple control panel. You might need to read a manual twice to figure out the nuances, but then you’ll get the most of it.

The best thing about this model is its ability to cook fast and even without leaving cold patches. The functionality includes defrost function, five power levels and eight automatic cooking modes. Large plates fit in easily – perfect for big families and those who often have guests.

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