The Best Short Hairstyles In Nigeria You Need To Try

If you want to make your style fresh and original, you have to make some unexpected and creative differences to your appearance. Short hairstyles for black women can be considered as one of such differences, as long hair is often considered a standard of beauty and femininity.

Actually, that’s not completely true, as latest short hairstyles are really trendy right now, and, furthermore, they really underline and concentrate attention on the face features instead of hiding its true shape. If you’re ready to experiment, here are the most beautiful Nigerian short hairstyles you definitely should try.

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1. Short weave hairstyles

There seems to be a trend with short weave hairstyles in 2017, and it is no wonder, as this hairstyle is very easy to experiment with and there are a lot of different variations, among which anyone can find something suitable.

One of the best working combinations is short weave hairstyles for round faces, as asymmetric and layered bobs you can make will instantly make your face look slimmer. These hair structures are often reinforced with the use of colored strands or even whole levels.short weave hairstyles in 2017 Short weavon hairstyles short weave hairstyles for round faces

2. Short pixie hairstyle

Pixie is a more boy-like hairstyle, which you will totally rock if you’ve got a proportional head shape and slimmer face features. There are plenty of kinds of this cut too, some are spiky and chaotic, creating a rebellious feeling, others are carefully combed, like a skull cap hairstyle, some even include mohawk as a part of the hairdo.

You can choose, which type of style suits you best. Furthermore, this hairstyle is on the list of Rihanna short hair styles, so you should definitely check it out.Rihanna short hair styles  skull cap hairstyle  skull cap hairstyle

3. Short curly hair

Curls are a natural state of hair of many Nigerian women, so try to be yourself and let your curls free. Long curly hair can look quite messy and be difficult to take care of, but short curls and coils are much better in both of these aspects.

Also, many men enjoy the natural look on their women, so you should definitely try these hairstyles as a treat both for you and for your partner.Short curly hair

4. Bold haircut

This one is the most radical and brave hairstyle of all mentioned. It will definitely draw a lot of attention, and it will especially put an emphasis on your face and your eyes. Appropriately put make-up will reinforce it and create a feminine and gentle look, which will only proof, that your hairstyle doesn’t define you.Bold haircut

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