How Lucrative Is Pig Farming In Nigeria?

Wondering, how lucrative apig farming in Nigeria can be? Well, we’ve got some numbers for you here!

Pig price in Nigeria (we mean a fully grown pig, depending on its weight) is around N30,000. Now think of it: in just one year you will have the possibility to rear 100 of them to maturity, and you will be earning N 3 million from your market sales.

If you will do your best and take it higher, and if you will build alargest pig farm in Nigeria – for example, 2,000 pigs in one year, you will be earning upward of N60 million!

Keep in mind that pigs are highly reproductive animals, and you will relatively easily come up with 100 pigs in a year. Also, keep in mind that there are numerous hacks to make your farm bigger and your pigs more productive.

So here is your full guide – let’s see how lucrative is pig farming in Nigeria!

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piggery farming in nigeria

1. Pig market in Nigeria

Usually, live pigs (or pork) are sold very fast in Nigeria. Most often, the buyers book piglets in advance, before they have matured.

You have to find large pig buyers in Nigeria. Make an advertisement in your area, and then try covering the nearby markets.

You will have to decide whether you will sell live pigs or pork meat. However, pig slaughter leads to higher expenses, so, it is recommended to sell live animals, at least when you start.

There’s a big pig village in Oke Aro, that was established by the Lagos State Government as a temporary place for the pig producers.

There is also the large Kafanchan pig market that assembles pigs raised from all the Kafanchan areas and some other parts of the country. Up to 10 thousands herds of pigs are sold here weekly, all year round. 

starting a pig farm in nigeria

Oke Aro Pig Farm – Africa’s Largest Piggery Farm

Uploaded by ValidProfits Consulting on 2018-05-17.

2. How to start a pig farm

2.1. Piggery farming in Nigeria step #1: Buy or lease a farmland

If you want to start a livestock business, land is the first thing to consider. In order to build a pig pen, you will need to find large or small (depending on the scale of your future business) plot. It’s up to you whether you will have an «outdoor» or «indoor» pig farming.

Deciding on the size of the plot, you should make up your mind what amount of pigs you want to start with. While your pigs start reproducing, eventually you may need a larger area, because these animals reproduce very fast.

how to start a pig farm

2.2. Starting a pig farm in Nigeria, step #2: Build a pig pen

A pig pen is a kind of premises where your pigs are kept. The pen should be sturdy enough, because pigs are quite rough animals.

Keep in mind making a pool in a pig pen: these animals like swimming and wallowing in water in order to keep themselves cool. You can also install a good drainage system to keep the pen clean and get rid of excess water in it.

starting a pig farm in nigeria

Building a Pig Pen

This is an overview of our pig pen project.

2.3. Pig market in Nigeria, step #3: Purchase healthy piglets

You can purchase a couple of adult pigs for the reproducing purpose – or you can buy young piglets and rear them to maturity.

The most important thing is to choose healthy piglets. Try to find a reliable pig farm and select the best healthy animals you will find. Don’t forget to ask for their vaccination history – this will tell you whether the pigs have been given the required vaccine.

Consult professional veterinary doctor: you will definitely need his services for regular checking up and vaccination as well as for getting a good advice on feeding your pigs.

piggery business plan

Always Select Good Pigs

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2.4. Piggery business plan, step #4: Employ workers

Employ 4 – 5 workers if you have up to a hundred pigs.

If you will decide to start a small scale business first, 1 – 2 workers will be enough for cleaning the pens, feeding the animals and checking out if they are behave and feel well.

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piggery business plan pdf

2.5. Pig farming in Nigeria, step #5: Feeding the pigs

This is another crucial factor that determines the grow rate of your pigs and the success of the whole business.

It’s a fact that pigs can eat anything they will find, but keep in mind that they are big eaters – they will keep eating as long as you feed them! When there is no food, they can make quite a mess in the pen or even eat their piglets. So make sure that your pigs are always fed!

Pigs can consume the normal food that we eat. Leftover food, fruits and vegetables from your table are always a good option. But is you start a big commercial farm, this will not be enough.

Grain waste from the breweries makes a good feedstuff for animals. that will last you a while. In order to balance the pigs’ diet, add the other options like palm kernel and salt.

starting a pig farm in nigeria

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3. How lucrative is pig farming in Nigeria


  • Typical daily weight gain of 0.4 kg;
  • Typical everyday feed consumption of 1.64 kg from weaner to a finisher of (50 kg live weight in this case);
  • Target weight of 50 kg;
  • Resultant pork from pig as 80% of its market weight;
  • Average feed price per kg of diet= N 150;
  • The market price per 1 kg of pork meat = N 1,100;
  • Other cost of starting a pig farm in Nigeria (vaccine & drugs) = N1,500.

That’s why,

  • One pig requires 50÷0.4= 125 days to reach the target weight of 50 kg;
  • Total feed that is consumed throughout the period of growth (125×1.64) = 205 kg;
  • Total cost of the consumed feed (205×150)= N 30,750.

Total cost of production = total feed cost + additional costs = 30,750 + 1500 = N 32,250.

  • Resultant pork = 80% of 50kg = 35 kg;
  • Cost price per 1 kg of pork = 32,250÷ 35 = N 806,25;
  • Selling market price of pork per 1 kg = N 1,100;
  • Profit per 1 kg of pork meat = selling market price of pork per 1 kg – cost price per 1 kg of pork meat = 1,100 – 806,25 = N 293,75.

So, you make N 293.75 for every kg of pork meat.

ost of starting a pig farm in nigeria

4. Pig farming business plan: How can you increase your profits?

  • find a suitable piggery business plan pdf on the Web, download it and learn it;
  • choose the breed of pigs that is most suitable for your purposes and pay special attention to selecting piglets – it is better to purchase females and males from different suppliers in order to avoid genetic mutations, and when buying sows, take into account their fertility, milk yield, number of nipples and brood safety;
  • do not allow let the drafts and dampness appear in the pig pen, periodically disinfect the premises, destroy insects and rodents;
  • take care to create suitable conditions for pregnant sows;
  • hire experienced, professional workers — for a large pig-breeding complex, you will need a veterinarian, livestock specialist, several pig breeders and handymen;
  • provide pigs with high-quality, nutritious, vitamin feed, while keeping in mind that feeding boars, pregnant sows and young stock has its own peculiarities;
  • do not forget about vaccination and regular veterinary inspection, so as not to miss the first manifestations of the disease.
how lucrative is pig farming in nigeria

Pig Sales Plan

Making money on your farm products is always a good thing, am I right? In order to make your farm run efficiently and profitable then you need a plan for what you are doing on farm. You can’t always shoot from the hip, especially with something as complex as farming.

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