Lionel Messi House

You may have heard that Messi home in Barcelona has prevented the development of the airport of Barcelona. The airport management refused to build a new terminal, as well as another runway due to the fact that the aircraft would have to fly over Messi house.

The official reason for not expanding the airport and limiting runways is the environmental threat in the city of Gava. However, the president of Vueling Airlines shared a different version: “Because you can not fly where Messi lives. Something like this doesn’t happen anywhere in the world.”

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Are the rumours about Lionel Messi new house interfering with the airport extension true? Difficult to say actually. Messi house price is around 8 mln euro. So what does it look and is it worth the money? We’ll tell what we already know, and it’s up to you to decide.

Messi new house

Messi lives in a small neighborhood called Bellamar, a prestigious and expensive suburb of Castelldefels, in Barcelona. Homes in the area usually sell for around £4.5 million, but the best homes usually cost much more. The neighborhood became one of the most exclusive in Catalonia.

This small town is located only 20 km from Camp Nou football stadium and the training complex. Bellamar offers luxury, exclusivity and security, being just 26 km from the center of Barcelona. Actually, celebrity residents made real estate here so expensive.

In 2009, the sportsman bought an old house for 1.8 million euros. He spent more than 6 million for repairs and new home design. Lionel Messi house, with its many open terraces and large panoramic windows, overlooks the beautiful Catalan hills and the Mediterranean coast.

Messi home in Barcelona
Messi home in Barcelona

Lionel Messi house inside and outside

The interior of the house is in a Mediterranean style with light walls and wooden floors. The color scheme is beige and brown, with light beige floors and dark brown or light walnut furniture. Sofas are dark brown or dark gray. The house also has a gym.

The mansion is surrounded by a garden, where Messi spends time with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and their three kids – Mateo, Thiago, and Ciro. There is a playground for boys, a small football pitch and a swimming pool. Outside there’s an amazing terrace with barbecue and outdoor dining area.

Messi home in Barcelona
Messi home in Barcelona
Messi home in Barcelona
Messi home in Barcelona

A few more words about Messi

Despite the wealth and fame, Messi is one of the most non-public people of the big sport.  He drives a car bought for $200,000 and has a beautiful home – and that is hardly all that is known about him.

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Since the beginning of 2018, Messi earned $111 million. In 2017, he signed a contract whereby his salary is more than $ 80 million per year. The advertising brings another $27 million. He has signed a lifetime contract with Adidas, also collaborates with Gatorade, Mastercard and Pepsi.

“Barcelona” values him so much that the price of transfer to another football club will amount to $ 835 million. A while ago, the media wrote about a house in a form of a ball, but Messi’s family denied it. As you can see, the house doesn’t look like a ball, but it is completely amazing.