How To Become A Model

The modelling industry is filled both with challenges and amazing rewards. The growing number of modelling agencies in Nigeria suggests that more and more young Nigerians want to try their luck as professional models. Find out how to become a model in Nigeria right now!

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1. Choose your niche

If you want to know how to become a model, the first step is identifying the niche you want to occupy. Right now aspiring models can choose from the following niches:

  1. Runway model. It’s the most recognizable type of modelling, but also the most demanding ones. Runway models need to conform to certain height, weight, and appearance standards, which may be unattainable for many of us.
  2. Fashion model. The clue here is in the name – fashion models are closely connected to the world of fashion. They work with renowned designers and model their creations. Here you will also need to meet some beauty requirements.
  3. Commercial model. The commercial modelling industry is one of the easiest ones to join. The job of a commercial model is to promote certain products, which often means that only parts of your body or face will be visible.
  4. Glamour model. Models who work in the glamour department are often featured in magazines, music videos, and other media where there is a need for good-looking, young women and men.
  5. Plus-size model. As the modelling world is becoming more accepting, designers and magazines welcome plus-size models with open arms. How to become a plus-size model in Nigeria? Build a good portfolio and find reliable modeling agencies to represent you!
How to become a model

2. Work on your skills and assets

It’s not enough to want to know how to be a model – you also need to know how to be a good model. Being a good model is not just about great looks, it’s also about the necessary skills and decent work ethic.

Here are some of the things you need to work on if you want to be a professional model:

  • Your face. In most modelling gigs, your face will be the centre of attention, so make sure it’s up to the challenge. Adopt an effective skin care routine, drink plenty of water, avoid stress as much as possible, and find a makeup look that works for you.
  • Your body. You don’t need to be skinny to land good modelling jobs, but you need to be in shape and have a toned body. Cut the overly sweet, salty, and fatty food from your diet, improve your water intake, and exercise at least for 30 minutes every day.
  • Your walk. If you want to become a runway model, a good walk is your number one asset. Watch the walks of Naomi Campbell and other supermodels and try to imitate them. Even if you don’t plan to work on the runway, it can be a great practice for your grace and posing.
How to become a model

3. Create a portfolio

Unless you are going to be discovered in the street by a model scout, which doesn’t happen that often, you will need a professional portfolio. You will send out the portfolio to modelling agencies, which means it needs to be convincing and striking.

To create a great portfolio, you will need a great photographer. You will need to demonstrate your modelling range in your portfolio, which means the photos need to be taken in different locations, poses, outfits, makeup, and hair.

How to become a model

4. Find a modelling agency

While some models choose to represent themselves, most of them cooperate with an established modelling agency. Typically, you send out your portfolio to the agency, they review it, and if they are happy with it, they will offer you a contract.

Carefully review the contract, so that you don’t accidentally sign up for something that is unacceptable for you. The most famous modelling agencies in lagos include:

  • Identical Media
  • JC Models Nigeria
  • Y-Ray Models
  • Model Mart Management
  • Beth Modelling Agency
  • 202 Modelling Agency Nigeria
  • Exquisite Models International

And the list of great agencies doesn’t stop there! If you try hard enough and work on your assets, soon you will have the chance to shine as a professional model.

How to become a model

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