How To Choose A Tablet

The tablet – a multipurpose gadget, it’s like PC , that has a size of the book with and thickness like modern phone.

Some tablets haven’t call features, but most of today’s tablets have this function. In the tablet you inserto the SIM-card and you are albe to call as from a mobile phone. Despite the fact that these functions are paid, today there are many ways to make free calls.

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The tablets have access to the Internet. This is achieved thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi adapter. Also, you can go online via 3G and 4G connectivity.

Before you choose a tablet, decide for yourself, for what purpose you want to buy it. If the main purpose – entertainment, you need to focus on tablets with more powerful hardware. These gadgets will cost more than ones with the budget options, but performance and powerful specifications are on par with the modern PC.

Why you want to buy a tablet?

Buying tablet users already know the answer to a question for what purpose the gadgets are needed and the problem of how to choose the tablet falls on the sellers in shops. Typically, tablets are buying for the sake of entertainment, but there are times when the tablet is really necessary for  the work. Below we present only some of the main features of tablets for which they are purchased:

– surfing the Internet (visit the sites via a browser, view the events in your accounts in social networks, and much more.)
– work with attachments (set of Microsoft Word and Excel,  to make a scan of a documents with the camera)
– reading books through special readers in the popular program text files (epub, pdf, txt, doc, etc.)
– browsing the photos
– listening to music, watching videos (including YouTube videos)
– play both in ordinary and more interesting games
– preview e-mail address and to answer to the letters.

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How to choose a tablet: the screen size.

Before buying a tablet, you should pay attention to the proposed size of the screen. Most people prefer not very large – 7-8 inches, but at the same time, these compact tablets will be easy and convenient for watching videos, for pastime in the Internet and to play games.

There also are tablets of 10-inch –  all depends on your budget and purpose of gadget. Select a tablet based on the size of the screen as a whole is not so hard, most people are focused on the 7 inch, since they have a book size and can easily fit even the smallest handbag.

On Jiji a wide variety of accessories for tablets is sold. Among them you can find a mini-keyboard. But most users prefer the virtual keyboard built into tablets.

The tablets are better to take with a dual-core processor and at least 1 GB of RAM (the more the better, of course) or tablet simply will be slow or will not be able to run a some applications.

If you need a lot of space on the tablet, then pay attention to the physical memory of the gadget. It can be 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. If you choose to 16GB, check is there the tablet memory card slot to increase the physical memory as needed. This feature is optional and 16 GB can be enough for you.

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