Shea Butter For Skin Lightening: Detailed Review & Top DIY Recipes

Shea butter for skin lightening is a really a unique remedy for external use, which is widely used to improve the condition of the skin of the face both in cosmetology and at home. It is used for the preparation of masks with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, protective, anti-edema properties.

We bet you’ve already heard about the benefits of African Shea butter for face, body and hair care. Shea butter is so beneficial that it is used even in cooking!

Western cosmetic companies were so fascinated with the elastic, smooth skin and thick, strong hair of African women, that many of them have included shea butter in skin creams, balms and shampoos they produce!

This post will reveal all the Shea butter benefits and also will let you choose the most suitable Shea butter skin lightening recipe.  

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shea butter for face

1. Shea butter uses

Here are some of the most important Shea butter benefits:

  • Shea butter is a perfect natural moisturizer
  • This natural product is a wonderful remedy to replenish skin after sun exposure
  • African Karite Butter is an excellent remedy to get rid of the stretch marks
  • Shea butter is an outstanding natural cuticle cream
  • Natural remedy is one of the best under-eye wrinkle removers and bag-reducers
  • Karite is widely used as a natural massage butter
  • Shea butter is a perfect remedy for sore/raw nose during a flu
  • This natural product is effectively used for healing scars, as it increases the collagen production
  • Shea butter is a good low-grade sun protection remedy
  • African Karite Butter is a perfect baby-care remedy, ideal for the multiple recipes
  • Shea butter is a perfect remedy for the eyelids before applying makeup to make it last much longer
  • Natural remedy is a wonderful product that improves skin elasticity
  • Shea butter is an amazing remedy for the hair and scalp.
african shea butter for face

2. Shea butter benefits for face & skin

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of Shea butter for face:

  • it moisturizes and nourishes the skin;
  • it smoothes wrinkles;
  • it tightens the oval of the face;
  • it fights inflammation;
  • it eliminates desquamation, irritation, and itching;
  • it evens out the complexion ща your skin;
  • it protects the skin from sun, wind, cold;
  • it accelerates the healing of minor cuts, wounds;
  • it contributes to the treatment of psoriasis, eczema, dermatosis.

One of the most demanded benefits of Shea butter for skin that was scientifically confirmed is that it is especially effective for skin lightening.

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shea butter skin lightening recipe

3. How to make lightening cream with Shea butter

3.1. DIY Skin Whitening Shea butter remedy with beeswax, gold herbal serum and lactic acid

DIY Skin Whitening Body Butter

Recipe 10 grams beeswax 50 grams Shea butter Dh7 gold herbal serum 1 tablespoon lactic acid Link to my online store CLICK TO WATCH MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS HERE: NOTICE Obaapaakuaskinny is not responsible for the performance of any of the recipes provided on this channel .

3.2. Shea butter Lotion For Dark Skin with sunflower oil and glycerin

Let Make Shea butter Lotion For Dark Skin / Fair skin color

Recipe 65 grams sunflower oil 7 grams Shea butter 20 grams emulsifying wax 3 grams conditioning emulsifier 300 grams distilled water 22 grams glycerin 5 grams optiphen 6 grams scent or essential oil Link to my online store whatsapp skincare room chat @ 233549581396 CLICK

3.3. Shea butter whitening base cream with citric acid, olive oil, Vitamin E and Kojic acid

SKIN WHITENING Video on how to make a whitening base cream

How to make a whitening base cream Ingredients used are: Emulwax 75grams Stearic acid 75grams Citric acid 50grams Shea butter 100grams Olive oil 100ml Water 1 liter Glycerine 100ml Propyelen glycol 40ml Vitamin e 50ml Lactic acid 50ml Kojic acid 20grams Licorice 20grams Ascorbic acid 40grams. You can also add other whitening powders like niacinamide or alpha arbutin too.

3.4. Super Creamy Shea Butter Mix for body & hair) with castor oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil

DIY | Super Creamy Shea Butter Mix!!! (Body & Hair)

Hey Loves! In this video, I will be sharing the updated version of how I make my DIY Creamy Shea Butter Mix! I N G R E D I E N T S: -Shea Butter -Castor Oil -Coconut Oil -Sweet Almond Oil I like to keep the ingredients in my Creamy Shea Butter sweet and simple!

3.5. Shea butter and lemon juice mix


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