Side Effects Of Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts are known for their big range of health benefits: they are eaten by men and women to get help for all kinds of conditions. However, it’s also important to know about the side effects of tiger nuts to know how to improve your health with maximum safety.

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1. What are tiger nuts?

Tiger nuts have become known as the Nigerian superfood. Contrary to their name, tiger nuts are not actual nuts – they are a small root vegetable that is harvested and then dried for consumption. Tiger nuts have become known far outside Nigeria as the go-to solution for various diseases.

Among the most valuable health benefits of tiger nuts we can name their high fiver count that is great for digestion, their strong positive effect on cardiovascular diseases, their ability to alleviate diabetes and reduce the level of bad cholesterol, and their role in men’s fertility.

2. How to eat tiger nuts

The easiest way to consume tiger nuts is to eat them whole. Depending on the brand you buy, your tiger nuts can be peeled or unpeeled. Peeled tiger nuts are softer, but you can make them even softer by soaking them for a few hours in cold clear water.

Other popular way to eat tiger nuts is to make tiger nut milk using water, blended tiger nuts, and vanilla bean to taste. Plus, you can turn dried tiger nuts into tiger nut flour and use it to prepare cookies, pancakes, bread, or other desserts and baked goods.

3. Allergies

Despite all positive effects of tiger nuts, they are not recommended to patients suffering from various allergies. Due to their diverse content, tiger nuts can trigger allergies in patients. Discontinue the use of tiger nuts whenever you notice the symptoms of an allergy.

4. Diabetes

While diabetic patients are often prescribed small doses of tiger nut, one of the common side effects of eating tiger nuts includes a negative effect on the diabetes symptoms. If you’re suffering from diabetes, use tiger nuts with caution and consult with a doctor prior to adding them to your diet.

5. Weight loss

Even though tiger nuts are rich in fiber that is crucial for successful weight loss, it’s also worth noting that there are also negative effects of tiger nuts on weight loss – primarily, due to the nuts being quite fatty. You don’t need to exclude tiger nuts from your diet completely, but if you want to lose weight, eat the nuts in moderation.

6. Digestion

Many of the tiger nuts health benefits come from their high content of fiber, but large amounts of fiber can also be bad for your health, especially if you’re not used to eating that much fiber. Fiber is hard to digest, so to avoid digestive problems, start by eating small amounts of tiger nuts.

7. Irritated throat

People who eat a lot of tiger nuts often report that the nuts leave an itchy sensation in their throat, which can be the result of whole nuts or their shells sticking to the throat surface. This side effect can be avoided by washing the nuts down with a beverage of your choice.

All in all, tiger nuts have very few side effects and their health benefits far overweight their side effective. Do your health a favour and find the best offers for tiger nuts on Jiji!

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