Tiv Traditional Attire And How To Wear It Today

Tiv people are the fourth largest ethnic group in Nigeria and accounts for a population of more than 6 million people stretching out across West Africa. Most of Nigeria’s Tiv population is located in Benue state, although there are Tiv groups all over the country.

With its rich history and large population, it’s not surprising that Tiv people have a complex and fascinating culture that is unique in every way. One of the most interesting aspects of the culture is Tiv traditional clothes, and here is everything you need to learn about this style.

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1. Tiv culture

Of course, the rich and diverse culture of the Tiv people has much more to offer than just fashion, although attire is a valuable part of their history. Tiv people have unique traditions in every aspect of life, from weddings to food and from music to dance.

Even though the Tiv ethnicity didn’t become known until the early 1900s, their traditions span way back, and many of them are alive today. Marriage takes an especially important part in the Tiv cultural heritage, as there are four main types of marriages, including marriage by exchange and marriage by bride price, which is still widely practiced today.

Tiv culture

2. Tiv traditional attire

One of the most effective ways to study a nation’s culture is to explore their traditional attire, and if you want to find out more about the Tiv culture, then Tiv native attire can tell you a lot on the subject. The central element of the Tiv style is the highly recognizable A’nger material, which is a combination of interwoven black and white stripes.

This combination of colors is quite exquisite, which is why even everyday Tiv clothes made from A’nger can easily pass for special occasion clothing. Women can wear A’nger in a variety of ways, including skirts, blouses, gowns, and gele, while men often opt for A’nger-style Agbada and other traditional Nigerian men’s fashion cuts.

There are plenty of native clothes made for children: the little ones look extremely adorable in tiny A’nger clothes that resemble the traditional wear of Tiv men and women. This is an especially good choice for weddings and other events where the guests are expected to look their best.

Tiv traditional attire

3. Tiv traditional wedding attire

Marriage and weddings are a vital part of any culture, and Tiv culture is no exception. A lot of preparation goes into organizing the wedding, and the outfits worn by the bride, groom, and the guests are one of the most crucial components of a wedding.

Tiv brides and grooms usually wear outfits that largely feature the A’nger fabric, although they can make changes or choose other fabrics and pieces to complement their traditional attire. However, the black-and-white stripes are still the pattern you will see on the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and guests.

A valuable element of a Tiv wedding look is the variety of accessories worn by the happy couple. One of the most popular accessories are the black and white beads, which can be worn as a necklace, headgear, bracelet, or anklet. Men often choose A’nger caps and walking sticks, which complete the look and help the groom follow the traditions of their people.

Tiv traditional wedding attire

Tiv wedding

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