Best Bathing Soap In Nigeria: Top 5 List For Your Younger And Glowing Skin!

Black skin is quite different from other skin types and, therefore, it requires special care.

Searching for the best bathing soap in Nigeria, an increasing number of Nigerian opt to steer clear of those containing hydroquinone and radical bleaching remedies, choosing the products that nourish and enliven the skin with their organic ingredients. These people often ask themselves the questionи whether or not the soap they are using is good for them.

Don’t lose any of your time and money and read this ultimate list of bathing soaps in Nigeria!

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1. Dr. Bronner’s «Peppermint Pure Castile Liquid Soap»

This rich organic soap is very eco as it is packaged into 100% recycled material. It has a sweet amaretto scent and is perfect to cleanse and revitalize your skin.

Moreover, it contains no harmful or synthetic components and is absolutely safe for anyone to use!

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2. Caswell-Massey «Goat’s Milk & Honey Soap»

This honey-flavored soap is infused with vitamins and other useful components that pamper and nourish your skin to reveal its natural beauty. It can be used for the face, body and even on sensitive skin.

It also does not contain:

  • Parabens,
  • Sulfates;
  • Phthalate.

3. Best bathing soap for chocolate skin: Badger «Organic Body Soap with Lemongrass & Ginger»

This soap is made with only Organic Ingredients and does not contain any synthetic fragrances, pigments or detergents. It deeply moisturizes your skin and cleanses it without irritating or drying it.

We sometimes call it “True soap” because it is made and cut manually with the most natural ingredients and technology. The essential oils of Organic Lemongrass and Ginger will revitalize and awaken your body and mind getting you ready for the adventures of a new day!

4. Chanel «COCO bath soap»

This amber beige soap with a branded stamp has a refined, seducing and subtle scent of COCO and it is able to cleanse your skin perfectly leaving it nourished, smooth and smelling great.

Product peculiarities:

  • top notes: Mandarin, Orange, Coriander, peach, jasmine, rose;
  • heart notes: Mimosa, cloves, orange blossom, clover, rose;
  • base notes: labdanum, amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, opoponax, civet, vanilla.

5. Best soap for oily skin: Makari «Active intense lightening exfoliating soap»

This purely organic soap has been created to make your skin look young and gorgeous! It contains Organochlorine to help you fight hyperpigmentation in just two weeks.

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For best results, use it for at least a month. It is suitable even for sensitive skin since it doesn’t contain any chemicals or hydroquinone. Instead, it contains algae, aloe Vera, caviar, citric acid, lemon, malic acid, mulberry, salicylic acid, seaweed and vitamin C to invigorate and tone your skin.

Benefits of this amazing soap:

  • no synthetic harmful ingredients;
  • bleaches your skin with Organiclare and kojic acid;
  • eliminates dead skin cells.[otw_shortcode_button href=”” size=”large” icon_position=”left” shape=”square” color_class=”otw-green”]Buy Makari soap for sale[/otw_shortcode_button]

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