Best Highlighters For Women Of Color: 5 Products That Will Impress You!

There are no universal highlighters that perfectly work for all skin colors.

Cold Metallic Highlighters, as well as mother-of-pearl wouldn’t be the best solutions to highlight and contour for dark skin – they won’t suit you by color type and will give your face a grayish color. You should opt for highlighters with warm copper and bronze shades. Also, the branded products with a shimmer and brightly flickering particles will do.

But you are lucky, ‘cause finding the best contour makeup for black skin isn’t that difficult as hunting down the correct foundation or the suitable nude lipstick.

Today, highlighters come in a crazy range of shades, from mint green to icy white. Even classic gold shades may vary from one brand to another.

In order you wouldn’t get confused by all these solutions, we will give you our 5 best highlight and contour dark skin solutions!

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what is the best powder highlighter

1. Baked Highlighter Apricot Glow: best Elf highlighter for dark skin

The gentle shimmer of this new baked highlighter will give your face a natural glow!

The product has high pigmentation and color output due to baking in the oven method. It contains the extracts of apricot, rose, jojoba, sunflower and grapes for a perfect skin care. Also, it does not contain large sparkles. It can be used both dry and wet for a more expressive transparent effect.

best elf highlighter for dark skin

2. Best drugstore highlighter for dark skin: Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder

If you are wondering, what is the best powder highlighter, you should check out what the top reliable brands available on the market are offering. For example, famous Bobbi Brown makeup brand.

Highlighting Powder by the famous Bobbi Brown fashion brand has a delicate silky texture that lays on the skin like the lightest veil and gives it a delightful shimmer.

The stylish portable case is equipped with a handy mirror – you can always take your favorite highlighter powder with you. Cosmetic product is easy to apply and to spread over the face, without emphasizing wrinkles and peeling, it is perfect for light and medium skin tones owners.

The highlighter’s contents correctly combine a transparent base and reflective pearlescent pigments. It is perfect for creating strobe technique, daytime and evening makeup.

best drugstore highlighter for dark skin

3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector’s almost invisible application can complement any image, add a unique tenderness, freshness and lightness to your appearance.

Masters of the Australian brand have created a wonderful highlighter that will simply become indispensable in your makeup kit.

There are several shades available, among which you can easily choose the one that will be the best option for your skin. Highlighter’s powdery texture is well applied and easily shaded. Microparticles do not crumble and keep well all day.

Thanks to the thin veil cover, you can easily adjust the intensity from a natural healthy glow to a spectacular evening glow.

best highlight and contour for dark skin

4. Mineralized Skin Finish Mac highlighter for dark skin

Luxurious powder, created by the technology of slow roasting, contains light pearl pigments and provides a natural matte finish. It can be used to fix the foundation or to update the makeup during the day. The formula contains a mineral complex and vitamin E.

It perfectly mattes the skin, does not emphasize skin scaling, gives an indescribable gloss to the face, makes the skin even, all glowing. Powder perfectly creates an invisible veil on skin from the breakfast and till dinner.

A pleasant bonus id that the powder does not clog pores. The face looks natural and silky. The skin gets a sleek look thanks to tiny shimmering particles!

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mac highlighter for dark skin

5. KKW Beauty Creme Contour and Highlighter Kit

The Creme Contour & Highlight Kit consists of two double-sided cream pencils and one double-sided brush for applying and feathering lines. One of the contouring pencils has dark and light colors; the second pencil has matte and glossy shade.

The kit comes in four different shades for light and darker skin.

The product blurs well, looks beautiful on the skin. It will be a perfect solution for those ladies who have never sculpted their face with the cream textures.

best contour makeup for black skin

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