Forever Living Products In Nigeria You Should Try To Be Healthier

Your health is a thing that impacts almost every part of your life. Which is why you need to take proper care of yourself if you want to feel happy and to always be able to give your fullest. But how are you supposed to stay healthy in our modern world, where every product you consume and even the air around you are full of dangerous chemicals?

List of forever living products and their uses offers a possible solution to this problem. This company offers a number of natural-based products, which will help you to maintain your body. Since 2000, the network has a representative company in Nigeria. So, if you’re interested in buying their products, here is a Forever Living Products Nigeria price list 2019.

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Forever Living Products in Nigeria sell a lot of different products with different functions. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones:

1. Clean 9 Pak

Clean 9 is a pack that unites a bunch of products that you can use for a singular goal – to cleanse your organism, transform your diet into a healthier one and to overall feel slimmer and better. This pack includes:

  • 2 bottles (1 liter each) of Forever Aloe Vera Gel – basically a liquid form of aloe vera leaves, which will help you to take care of your digestive system and stay active;
  • 1 bag of Forever Lite Ultra shake mix – a healthy drink with hundreds of nutrients, which is great for taking control over your weight, especially if you’re engaged in sports;
  • 18 tablets of Forever Therm – preparation, designed to kick off your metabolism;
  • 8 packs of Forever Fiber – a fiber supplement, which you can add to any beverage;
  • 54 soft gel pills of Forever Garcinia Plus – an effective appetite suppressant and fat burner.

You can start your new healthy life with Forever Living Products for weight loss for only ₦37,000.

2. Bee products

Another side of the company is their natural bee products. People have been using such products to stay healthy for centuries. And in modern times, they have been scientifically proven to have some amazing qualities, up to killing cancer cells.

But there is danger in buying bee products from an unknown source – with a lot of chemicals in plants, bees have been proven to carry some dangerous substances to the product their produce. Here is a Forever Living Products price list in Naira for 100% safe bee products:

  • Forever Bee Honey (17.6-ounce flask) – ₦6,000;
  • Forever Royal Jelly (60 tablets of a substance, derived from the food, made by bees specifically for the queen of the hive – full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and co-enzymes) – around ₦9,000;
  • Bee Propolis (60 tablets of a great natural immunostimulant) – ₦9,000;
  • Bee Pollen (100 tablets of a food for common bees, which for humans works as an effective nutritional supplement) – ₦4,000.

3. Specific nutritional supplements

Everything that comes into our body plays an important role in its proper functioning. That’s why people were able to figure out, which chemical we need to improve a particular part of our organism. These supplements to just that – help you to focus on a particular system of your body you know is not functioning right and to improve it (of course, do it after consulting with your physician):

3.1. Forever Vision

Our eyesight is how we get more than 90% of information about the world about us, so it’s a shame that in recent years the number of people with vision problems is only growing. Forever Vision is one of the ways you can make sure your vision is not going to drop and it may even solve some problems you already have. You can buy this solution for just ₦7,500 for 60 tablets.

3.2. Forever Multi-Maca

Known is South America as the “sex herb of the Incas”, maca is a plant that influences sexual drive and libido. This supplement combines it with other similar herbs to achieve maximal effect. It is an organic and natural way to keep yourself and your partner sexually active and energetic. Forever Multi-Maca price in Nigeria is around ₦7,500 for 60 tablets.

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