How To Calculate Body Mass Index

BMI, or body mass index, is one of the most popular ways to measure human physique. BMI refers to the percentage of weight versus height in adult male and female bodies. Find out how to calculate body mass index and how to use your BMI for improving your shape.

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1. What is BMI?

The term BMI became known in the 1970s, but the very concept of calculating the relation of the person’s weight to the height has been known for almost two centuries.

Originally, the body mass index was mainly used by doctors to determine whether a person is in a healthy body mass index range or whether they need a medical attention due to being outside of the health range.

Today, when everyone can find out what is body mass index and how to measure BMI, more and more people want to know their body mass index. Many people actually make decisions about their weight based on the results of a BMI calculator.

How to calculate body mass index

2. How to calculate BMI in kg

Although you can easily find a BMI calculator, kg and lbs, online, the BMI calculation formula is actually very simple and allows anyone to know their body mass index with just a couple of simple steps. Here is how to know your body mass index.

Divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. For example, if you weigh 65 kilograms and have a height of 164 centimeters, or 1.64 meters, your formula looks like this:

65/1,642 = 24.2

3. Interpreting the results

So no you know that your body mass index is 24.2. But what exactly can you do with that information?

There is an internationally accepted BMI chart that gives you a chance to instantly know where your body mass index falls. The chart looks like this:

How to calculate body mass index

If you look at the chart, you will instantly find out that your BMI of 24.2 falls under the healthy weight and is the perfectly normal body mass index. It means that your weight is ideal for your height and you don’t need to take any drastic measures to change it.

4. When should you take action?

The BMI system should by no means be considered flawless. For example, it doesn’t take into account the age or gender of the person, since there is no specific BMI calculator for men or women.

Plus, the BMI formula is very simple and doesn’t allow you to calculate the muscle mass or body fat percentage, which are very important for measuring the person’s health.

However, there are certain BMI calculation results that should inspire you to quickly take action:

  • If your BMI is less than 18.5, it means that you are underweight, which may prevent your body from getting enough nutrients to function normally. Consider some healthy ways to put on a little weight.
  • A BMI between 25 and 29.9 means you are slightly overweight. To prevent your body from developing various weight-related health issues, try slowly losing a couple of kilograms.
  • If your BMI is higher than 30, it means that you are significantly overweight and your health risks increase with every point above that mark. Change your eating and exercise habits to improve your overall health.
How to calculate body mass index

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