How To Start A PhotoBooth Business

If you are wondering, how to start a photo booth business, you have to know one thing: even with a minimum capital you can open your own small business, and with the right approach, it will bring you a stable income!

Let’s find out how to start a photobooth business and name all the materials for photo booth you will need!

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how to use a photo booth machine

1. Photo booth business: the benefits

Is a photo booth business a good idea? Let’s check out its numerous advantages:

• Autonomy of your business. The photo booth doesn’t need an operator and works 24 hours.

• Minimum business investment.

• No need to hire staff (with a small network). Photocabin needs to be serviced no more than 3 times a week.

• Ability to combine this business with your main work.

• Fast payback period of business, provided that the photo booth is installed in a good place.

• The device provides the highest print quality, images have excellent resolution, good resistance to sunlight and high humidity.

photo booth business tips

2. How to set up photo booth business

2.1. Register your business

Before embarking on decisive action, you need to register a business by choosing the organizational and legal form.

materials for photo booth

2.2. Find a perfect place

It is a good idea to install your photo cabin in a shopping center, in a large store, in a cinema, in a circus, in a zoo, in a club, or near the cafe. During the high season you can install a photo booth in the park, on the beach, in a skating rink, in any sports facility.

A document photo is a huge part of earnings of the photobooth business, so it is a good idea to install it near the MfSCs, the registry office or the passport office.

Also, it is a winning idea to install your photo cabin in airport, seaport, bus and railway station, where people often make souvenir photos.

how to set up photo booth business

2.3. Choose the type of your business

Type of business is the #1 point in nay photo booth business checklist!

Modern photo booths can offer many services:

• Entertainment photos (several small photos, 3 or 4 in a row, 4 in a square, pictures in the certain style of instant print cameras).

• Photos on the documents. This service is really relevant! The only problem is that the government has many requirements. Therefore, it is better to arrange the appropriate instruction somewhere in the booth.

• Photo cards. The software for photo booth gives you the opportunity to choose from multiple templates for photo cards. Add and remove them according to the season and location of the booth.

• Rental of photo booths. You can buy a lightweight disassemblable mobile model of the cabin, or transport a photo booth after the end of the event. Photo machines are often rented by the organizers of private events: birthdays, weddings, graduations, corporate events, parties.

If possible, choose a photo booth with the ability to print in any format photos from Instagram or from a flash drive, as well as send pictures from the photo booth to the customer’s email.

how to start a photobooth business

2.4. Photo booth equipment list

  • The Booth itself – approximately $2,500.
  • Camera (a middle range DSLR will work for your booth) – approximately $500.
  • Camera AC Adapter – approximately $65.
  • Laptop – approximately $360.
  • Touch Screen Monitor – approximately $300.
  • Printer – approximately $1,000.
  • Also, we have to mention the software among the things needed for photo booth business  – approximately $175.
  • Supplies: printer paper/ink – approximately $200.

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materials for photo booth

2.5. Hire the staff

You need a mechanic and an accountant.The mechanic monitors the technical condition of the cabin, the consumption of materials for printing photos and checks, replenishes them. If necessary, he fixes the various issues.

You can use the outsource hiring to find the accountant.

Employees will not cost you much because their schedule will be flexible and the accountant can work remotely.

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photo booth business tips

2.6. Advertise your business

Advertising your photo cabin comes down to showing that it is trendy!

  • The best and most effective advertising for this business is “word of mouth”. But keep in mind that it appears only with the higher attendance.
  • The design of the photo booth will definitely attract the attention to your offer. When a large part of your audience will know about the existence and location of your cabin, you can earn money on its appearance! The walls of your cabin, as well as an internal presswall easily become an advertising platform.The lightbox on the roof may bring you an additional income.
  • Inorder to attract and retain customers, create system of holiday discounts.
  • Also, you can use social networks (especially Instagram!) for advertising.
photo booth rental business plan

2.7. The profit

The amount of money you can charge depends on the market you’re working in. In a medium-size market prices may range from $500 to $1000 for a photobooth rental. 

Various expenses for one event are less than $100 per if you do everything yourself.

That means if you book an event for $700, you have $600 left after the expenses, assuming the booth is paid for.

If an average event length is about four hours (+-2 hours for a set up and tear down time), and if you profit $600 for a single 6-hour event, and are working for six, then your profit is about $100 per hour.

photo booth business tips

3. Photo booth business tips

5 Tips for starting your photo booth business

Here are 5 quick tips to get you started in the photo booth industry! With over 10 million events per year, in the US alone, there is no better time to join. So get started!

4. Photo booth rental business plan

Not only the wedding, the New Year or company’s anniversary can be an occasion to take advantage of the photo booth. A birthday photo booth is another interesting idea of how to entertain your guests!

I have a Photo Booth Rental Service?

Whats up guys! Yes! This is actually my side business! I go to different venues around the area and provide my services for parties and such! Most popular at weddings! If you are in the area, hit me up, ill shoot you my prices 🙂 Hope you enjoyed today’s vlog!

5. How to use a photo booth machine

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