How To Make A Wig At Home

A wig is one of the best things ever designed for beauty. With the help of just one or several wigs, you can change your hair length, color, texture, and style without doing any harm to your hair.

Wigs can often be quite expensive; plus, it’s not always easy to find the one that exactly matches your requirements. Find out how to make a homemade wig and get creative with our wig making tutorial.

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1. How to make a wig with lace closure

Perhaps, the most popular type of wig making at home is creating wigs with lace closure. It’s relatively easy, fast, and great for beginners. Want to know how to make a wig with lace closure? Here is what you’ll need:

  • Weaving cap
  • Foundation
  • Hair bundles with closure
  • Hair-sewing needle and thread
  • Wig stand
  • Wig block
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers

First, make a pattern for the wig by taking measurements of your head and cutting out the lace. Secure your lace on the wig block. That way you’ll be able to create the most natural wig shape for your head.

Next on our “how to make a wig step by step” guide is the sewing, which is the part that requires the most skills and attention. Start at the edges of the cap to ensure that you’ll be able to wear your wig in ponytails and updos. Then continue sewing using the “top and full” sewing method. After the hair is fully sewn into the cap, add the closure. Now you can try on your wig and make adjustments if necessary!

Check this video to get a clear idea on how to create a wig with a lace closure.


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2. How to make million braids wig

Recently the beauty community found a new dream look as the latest type of wigs called “million braids wigs” took the world by storm. This magnificent hairstyle suits every face-shape and complexion, creating a marvelous effect of a head full of braids.

If you’re wondering how to make braided wigs, first you need to have your tools and components ready:

  • Rich braids attachments
  • Wig cap
  • Lace
  • Crochet
  • Wig head

A million braids wig is not only one of the most common styles today, but also one of the hardest ones to make. While you can find special braided wig caps that will make your job easier, it’s very likely that you will have to do the braiding yourself. You can also find the best braided wigs on Jiji.

This is a task that requires hard work and it’s best to have someone to help you – that way you’ll be able to finish and wear your wig sooner. Here is a video that will teach you how to make a lace front braided wig with a million braids.

How To Make A Million Braid Wig Without Closure From Start To Finish / Beauty Hauljj

This video is to show and teach you guys how to make twisted wig with no closure and I made it using crochet method. It’s super easy and very simple. Please if you’re new subscribe.

3. How to make a wig cap

A wig cap is an essential tool for wig making. It allows the wig to comfortably sit on your head, which is especially important if you have a head that is shaped or sized differently from the average measurements. If you’re on a search for the best wig cap for making wigs, look for wig caps on Jiji. If you have a problem finding the right wig cap, here is how to make a wig cap at home.

How To Make a Basic Wig Cap

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