Fertility Foods: The Top 7 With Proven Effect

As more and more couples in the world struggle to conceive, doctors are constantly looking for new ways to increase fertility. Whether you are already receiving medical treatment or want to try natural fertility boosters first, here are 7 best foods to increase fertility.

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1. Citrus fruits

Fruits are generally great for your health, but there are also many fruits that boost fertility. Orange and grapefruit are particularly known for their ovulation-boosting effect. Plus, grapefruit and orange have been proven to improve the quality of the sperm and prevent chromosomal defects in both the sperm and the egg. So how to boost fertility naturally with citrus fruits? You can enjoy them whole or turn them into refreshing juice!

Fertility foods

2. Whole grains

We all know about the importance of fiber in our diets, and it turns out that fiber-rich products like whole grains are also foods that increase fertility in females. By removing excess estrogen from your body through the intestines, whole-grain products make your ovulation more regular, which allows you to plan your conception activity better and enjoy a higher chance of conceiving.

Fertility foods

3. Lentils

Lentils and beans are not only a delicious and protein-rich addition to any diet, but also famous fertility foods for getting pregnant. Their high fiber content makes them one of the best foods for fertility – in your body, they function similarly to whole grains, leading the excess hormones out of the system. Plus, lentils are high in iron and folate, which are essential for the healthy development of the baby.

Fertility foods

4. Full-fat dairy

If you’ve ever strived to lose weight, you were probably used to eating low-fat dairy products. In case you want to get pregnant, the good news is that you can finally enjoy full-fat dairy, as it’s now known as one of the most effective natural ways to boost fertility. Full-fat milk, yoghurt, cheese, and even ice cream are not only tastier than their low-fat counterparts, but also better for improving your fertility.

Fertility foods

5. Dark leafy greens

Dark leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and broccoli are always associated with healthy eating, but it turns out that they also have a very specific effect on fertility. Dark leafy greens make the best fertility foods for two reasons: they are rich in iron, which normalizes your menstrual cycle and prevents anemia during pregnancy, and folate, which supports the normal brain, heart, and neural tube development of the baby.

Fertility foods

6. Bee products

Wondering how to increase ovulation naturally and increase your chances of conception? Make sure to eat plenty of bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. Each of these three products has a strong positive effect on ovulation, conception, and healthy pregnancy. For example, bee pollen is great for both male and female fertility, while bee propolis increases the chance of conception in women with endometriosis.

Fertility foods

7. Cow liver

Surprisingly enough, cow liver and some other organ meats are a popular food for ovulation stimulation. Moreover, cow liver is incredibly rich in vitamins and nutrients that are essential both for getting pregnant and carrying a healthy pregnancy, including zinc, vitamin A, selenium, vitamin B12, and folate.

Fertility foods

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