5 Most Profitable Companies In Africa

Europe is associated with old traditions and consistency; the USA is a leader in innovations; Asia has become a true technological miracle. And what about Africa? We still cannot compete with the majority of corporations but we are on the right way, and the most profitable African companies prove it.

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#5. Standard Bank Group

The conglomerate located in South Africa was founded in 1862. Nowadays, it provides services and solutions for businesses of different scales – from small entrepreneurs to huge corporations and to governmental bodies. Besides investment activity, the bank group specializes in insurance and international financial operations.

Company’s website: www.standardbank.com

#4. Bidcorp

Another South African company on today’s list occupies the leading position in the food sector. It is present in all continents except North America, bringing a broad range of product solutions and emphasizing the food safety approach. The company is positioned as future-focused and empowered by the employees.

Company’s website: http://www.bidcorpgroup.com/

#3. Shoprite Holdings

Now, let’s move to retail and one of the largest employers on the continent. It was founded in 1979 and currently works in 15 countries, operating with well-known retail brands like Shoprite, Checkers, Hungry Lion, etc. The corporation focuses on developing various food stores, supermarkets, and other types of outlets.

Company’s website: www.shopriteholdings.co.za

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#2. MTN Group

In the age of the digitalization when almost every kid has a smartphone and employees in big corporations have additional SIM cards for work, seeing a telecommunication company at the top of this list is not surprising. Currently, the company focuses on promoting internet technologies, and launching 5G in South Africa is the proof that MTN is on the right path.

Company’s website: www.mtn.com/

#1. Sasol

The today’s leader is South African Synthetic OiLs – the corporation that became a sponsor for Jordan Grand Prix in Formula-1, the company with shares in a range of foreign projects in Qatar and Iran, and one the key provider of fuel resources on the continent. Sasol specializes in mining, energy industry, producing chemicals and synthetic fuels both for the domestic market and export.

Company’s website: www.sasol.com

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According to the reports, the revenue of all companies decreased in 2018 compared to the previous two years. We have six more months to change this tendency and enjoy the outstanding results or maybe some new names on this list.