Meal Prep: A Beginner’s Guide

Cooking is a form of art you need to practice, and you should start with the basics. If cooking is a new thing for you, start with cooking simple dishes, then gradually move to something more complicated. Don’t cook in a bad mood and remember the following rules.

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How to cook vegetables

Wash and peel veggies directly before cooking, not beforehand. If you are cooking soup, put vegetables in cold water. If you need to use vegetables later and keep their taste properties, put them into the boiling water. Add salt before the veggies are ready. Don’t put frozen vegetables into a microwave.

meal prep for beginners

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How to boil and whisk eggs

Wash the eggs in cold water to prevent cracks. To make an omelet fluffy, add some cold water – 2 tbsp of freezing water into a glass with eggs and whisk well. To whisk eggs into foam, use a drop of lemon juice. Always whisk a yolk in small portions.

How to cook meat and chicken

Smooth meat with honey to get a golden crust. When you prepare liver, sprinkle it with some sugar 15 minutes prior to cooking. Put the meat into boiling water and add salt at the end of cooking – this is how you keep it juicy. Cook meat when it heats to the room temperature.

How to boil milk

Add a pinch of sugar into milk and grease the edges of a pot. Swill a pot with cold water before boiling to make sure it doesn’t burn. Heat on a slow fire. Muddle the milk while it heats to prevent foam formation. Add a pinch of salt to preserve it for a longer time.

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meal prep for beginners

How to cook rice

Fry the rice for a couple of minutes before cooking to make it crummy. You can also wash it well and soak in cold water for 30 minutes. Put rice in boiling water, cook on a slow fire, always under a cover for a saucepan. Add a tablespoon of oil during cooking.

How to store and use spices

Keep spices in little glass or plastic jars to preserve the aroma and taste. During baking, add spices at the end of cooking. When you prepare salads, add spices at the end before serving. To preserve greens for a longer time, chop and mix it with salt.

How to fry bacon and fish

Fry bacon on medium heat, not too hot or cold one. This is how you get a good-looking and tasty crust. Remember this rule when frying fish as well; otherwise, it will stick to a frying pan.

meal prep for beginners

Fried Bacon

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How to deep fry

If you decide to deep fry something, don’t fill the entire frying pan with oil. The foods need some free space if you want to get a golden crust. This also guarantees that the pieces don’t stick.

How to prepare pasta

Before putting pasta or macaroni into the water, heat it until boils and put a pinch of salt. It guarantees that the pasta won’t be overdone, tastes better, and mix well with the sauce.

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