Top 5 Nigerian Skin Care Brands According To 2019 Studies

Did you know that our skin is one of the biggest organs of our body? Every day, it is doing hard work, protecting our body from harmful conditions of the world around.

And of course, taking care of your skin and creating a skin care routine is crucial, ‘cause it will help your skin to do its job better and much longer! That’s why you should use only reputable skin care and beauty products designed to make you look perfect and have perfectly healthy skin!

Check out these top 5 Nigerian skin care and beauty brands: the list is based on brands’ popularity, innovation, and positive customer reviews.

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1. Arami

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«Arami» means «my body» in the Yoruba language, and its major aim is to provide all-natural beauty products for a simple everyday skincare routine. The brand’s approach is particular about treating both body and mind right, keeping it free from all the junk and stress we are surrounded with.

At a first glance, the corporate slogan “your body is a temple” sounds a bit religious, but in fact,  it only makes it clearer for customers how much the brand cares about your body!

2. Ajali

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Ajali is a handmade, absolutely natural cosmetics brand that creates awareness for living a healthy life since 2013.

The brand’s owners have a strong belief that the natural beauty products can (and must) be effective, pure and safe. The brand had established a strong partnership with the local farms handpicking freshest natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs to give you the raw skincare recipes for your healthy skin care.

By the way, the brand was awarded by Ebony Life TV with a ‘Best Made in Nigeria Product of the Year’ prize.

3. Orma Skincare

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This premium brand creates great skincare products by enhancing natural herbal ingredients with proven clinical technology. But Orma’s mission goes far beyond that: the owners provide the fullest skincare consultations to guide you all the way through the skincare routine.

Orma Skincare is dedicated to developing the best natural solutions for all skin shades and ages.

4. Skin Apothecary

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The well-known brand was founded by the famous beauty expert, Naomi Umunna and it is dedicated to developing great skin care products from absolutely natural ingredients.

Skin Apothecary’s liquid black soap is a real bestseller thanks to its proven healing properties: it helps to heal the problem skin, clears the complexion and improves overall skin condition.


5. Nuban Beauty

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Nuban Beauty brand had achieved popularity in a very crowded market for beauty products and currently, it is one of the most recognizable brands.

Nuban Beauty lipsticks, lashes, eye shadows and a huge range of makeup tools are sought after by makeup artists and women who are extra concerned about looking perfect.


(Watch in 1080p) Okay so today is a bit different and I challenge you no matter where you’re from do a tutorial using those brands! It’s very important to support brands back home also! SO I decided to do my full face using mostly Nigerian brands or brands that you can find in Nigeria!

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