Apple Releases New iPhone SE 2020! Pictures, Specs And Price In Nigeria

The rumours of Apple releasing the successor to 2016’s highly popular iPhone SE turned out to be true – last week, in the midst of a global pandemic, Apple unveiled the iPhone SE 2020. Find out everything about the specs of the new iPhone and its price in Nigeria.

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1. iPhone SE 2020 specs

The original iPhone SE became incredibly popular with buyers for a simple reason: it had the specs of high-end iPhone models in the convenient body of the iPhone 5S. With more and more buyers being uncomfortable with the growing size of smartphones, Apple listened to their concerns and released an affordable mid-size iPhone with the specifications of the latest models. Here is what you will find in the iPhone SE 2020.

1. Design and display

From a visual standpoint, the iPhone SE 2020 looks very similar to the iPhone 8. The design of the device includes thick bezels on top and bottom, a home button with a fingerprint scanner, and a 4.7-inch display that is equipped with the True Tone technology to adapt the colours on the display to your surroundings.

If you have ever held an iPhone in the past few years, you are already familiar with Apple’s signature build quality. This is exactly what the iPhone SE 2020 offers – the seamless build will last you for years and will retain its solid look. The phone is water-resistant and doesn’t have a headphone jack, which shouldn’t be big news to anyone who followed Apple since at least 2016.

2. Performance

The iPhone SE 2020 may have taken its design cues from earlier-generation iPhones, but its performance specs put it on the same level as the later models of the Apple iPhone. The smartphone is equipped with a cutting-edge Apple A13 Bionic chipset, which ensures speedy performance in every situation.

All versions of the iPhone SE 2020 come with 3GB of RAM, but there are different options when it comes to storage: you can choose an iPhone with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB of storage. As it’s always the case with Apple smartphones, you cannot upgrade the storage with a microSD card.

3. Camera and battery

iPhone cameras rarely have the most impressive sensors, but they make up for it with the advanced photography software and overall quality of photos. The iPhone SE 2020 is no exception. There is just one primary camera that has 12MP and is equipped with LED flash, and a 7MP camera on the front with no flash – you will have to rely on the brightness of the screen to light your selfies.

These camera specs may not look particularly mind-blowing on paper, but the iPhone SE 2020 surely doesn’t disappoint with the quality of photos. In low-lighting situations, the photos may look slightly grainy, but other than that, you will definitely be satisfied with the photos your new iPhone SE creates.

The battery of the iPhone SE 2020 is just average. With a 1800mAh battery capacity, you can expect your phone to last for a workday provided that you are not the most avid user. The phone supports fast charging, but you will need to get a separate charger for it – the one that comes with the iPhone SE charges the phone at a standard speed.

2. iPhone SE 2020 price in Nigeria

The iPhone SE 2020 is marketed as an affordable Apple smartphone for those who are shopping on a budget, but its price is still comparable with many Android phones with more impressive specs. The price of the iPhone SE 2020 starts at $399 for the cheapest option with 64GB of storage, which places the approximate price of the device in Nigeria at 155,000.

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