How To Make A Face Mask For Prevention Of Coronavirus

The coronavirus is a highly infectious disease, but there are several effective ways to protect yourself. In addition to ensuring a physical distance between you and other people, as well as washing your hands with 20-30 seconds, wearing a face mask can protect you from getting infected and protect other people from getting infected by you, in case you are already sick and don’t know it.

Plus, a face mask is an essential item when you are taking care of someone with the coronavirus or if you were infected and are currently staying at home where other people live. Unfortunately, there is a noticeable shortage of masks in Nigeria. Here are some of the easiest ways to make a face mask at home.

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1. No-sew method

Perhaps, the easiest way to create a face mask from the items you already have at home was demonstrated last week by the US Surgeon General Jerome Adams. This method of creating a face mask is perfect for people who don’t have a sewing machine at home and have little to no sewing skills.

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For this method, you will only need an old T-shirt or other fabric suitable for creating a face mask – it should be breathable but firm. You will also need two rubber bands. The process of creating a face mask won’t take you more than a couple of minutes and it can be used multiple times with regular washing, unlike a regular surgical mask.

🇺🇸 U.S. Surgeon General shows us how to make a face mask by using an old t-shirt and 2 rubber bands

(//‿*) Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams has instructed Americans on how to make their own ‘cloth face covering’ by using an old T-shirt and rubber band. CDC’…

2. Sewing method

If you have a sewing machine at home and some basic sewing skills, you can easily create a fabric face mask. While it may not be as effective at stopping the smallest particles as surgical masks, it is widely accessible and can be easily washed, which allows you to wear it multiple times.

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This face mask features a non-woven filter that is inserted in a special pocket. This filter increases the efficiency of the face mask, but it needs to be replaced every time you take off your mask. For this sewing method, you will need two fabrics – one main and one for the lining – and elastic bands.

DIY Covid-19 Fabric Mask (with Filter Pocket) Sewing Tutorial

This tutorial is inspired by Dr Chen Guanting’s post on fabric masks: ***** PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU PROCEED **…

3. Paper towel method

In some cases, you need a face mask urgently and don’t have the time to start a whole DIY project – for example, when you need to run out to the store and your regular face mask has just been washed and is too wet to wear. In that case, you can get away with a face mask made from paper towels.

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We should note that this mask doesn’t offer outstanding protection, but it works great as a last resort. The only supplies you need for this method are a paper towel, two rubber bands, and a stapler. You can also upgrade it by installing a piece of wire in the upper part of the mask to make it fit your face better and ensure better protection. Needless to say, this mask can only be used once and needs to be disposed of safely immediately after wearing it.

How To Make Face Mask At Home Using Paper Towel

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