Life After COVID-19! Five Things That Might Never Go Back To Normal

Even though we are far from the end of the coronavirus pandemic, we can take a second to assess the way COVID-19 is affecting the world. The pandemic has already changed numerous aspects of our lives, but while some of them will return to the way they were before COVID-19, others will forever become different. Here are 5 things that will go back to normal after the coronavirus.

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1. Personal hygiene

We all had different hygienic habits before the coronavirus pandemic: some people washed hands with soap 20 times a day, while others could barely make themselves do it a couple of times a day and still got away with it without any major health consequences.

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However, COVID-19 has already changed the way we ensure our personal hygiene and its effect will linger for as long as our generation is alive. We may eventually stop wearing face masks and protective gloves, but we will always thoroughly wash our hands with soap many times a day, use a hand sanitizer when there is no access to water, cough and sneeze into our elbow or tissue instead of our hands, and stop shaking people’s hands as a form of greeting.

2. Education

Homeschooling has been a growing trend in the US and Europe, but few parents in other countries have actually considered it for themselves. As the coronavirus pandemic prevented millions of children around the world from going to schools and instead placed them behind a home computer where the teacher explains the studying material from home, some educators say that a move of education into the online realm is inevitable and we need to adjust to the new way of receiving education, especially for older learners.

3. Work

Many people, especially in large cities, have spent the past few years, if not decades, wasting time on commuting to work and back, as well as doing 5 hours worse of work in 8 or 10 hours in the office. As millions of workers around the world resorted to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, they discovered that they can be even more productive without even leaving their bedrooms. Needless to say, many of those workers will try and continue working from home even when the COVID-19 threat disappears.

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4. Entertainment and leisure

For the majority of the world during the COVID-19 outbreak, even going out to the nearby park or the beach has become an unattainable dream, not to mention the shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, and cafes being closed and concerts and music festivals being canceled all over the planet. Even though cafes and restaurants, as well as shops and malls, are gradually opening their doors with certain restrictions, it is not clear when we will be able to visit the cinema or a concert next time and what restrictions we will have to accept.

5. Travel

Perhaps, the one industry affected the most by the coronavirus pandemic is the travel industry, and it is unlikely to recover any time soon. With several major airlines closing for good and others suspending travel for the upcoming months, it may be months, if not years, until we can again hop on the plane and go on a weekend getaway. And even if we do arrive at our destination safely, it is not guaranteed that popular tourist spots, guided tours, hotel accommodations, signature local restaurants, and souvenir shopping will look the way the used to look in the past.

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