How To Use The Internet On Your Phone Without A Data Plan

Today, Nigerian mobile service providers offer a variety of data plans for every type of user and budget. However, if you have run out of data on your mobile device or you don’t want to buy a data plan for any other reason, here are two other ways you can access the internet on your mobile phone even without a data plan.

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1. Wi-Fi

When you are researching ways to save money on your mobile internet usage or avoid buying a data plan at all, this is probably the first idea that jumps to your mind. Ideally, you already have a Wi-Fi router with cheap or unlimited internet at home. In that case, you can use your Wi-Fi on your mobile device any time you are at home without paying anything over your home internet costs.

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If you work in an office, take a closer look at the Wi-Fi situation in there: it is possible that you can connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi feed in your workplace and save lots of money on using the internet when you are at work. However, you should keep in mind that in many offices, especially the ones that belong to large companies, internet use is monitored and if you go over a certain data usage limit, your supervisors may start asking questions.

The good news is that the network of free Wi-Fi spots continues to grow. When you are shopping, visiting cafes and other public spaces, or simply walking through a busy street, make sure to check your phone for available Wi-Fi connections that are open without a password. If you simply need to check something quickly on your phone and not watch a whole film or do a lot of work, these free spots are a very good option.

2. USB

If you spend a long time near a computer that is connected to the internet but does not have Wi-Fi sharing capabilities, you can still connect your mobile phone to the computer and get a stable internet connection any time you need it. All you need is a smartphone and a regular USB charging cable.

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Plug your phone into the computer using the USB cable. Go to your phone’s network settings and select the USB Internet option to connect your smartphone to the network via the cable. Your phone will be charged while you are using the internet from the computer, so you get to kill two birds with one stone.

Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available for Android devices. You should also know that the USB internet connection can be reversed. If you have an active data plan on your mobile phone and your computer internet connection is dead or very slow, you can share the internet from your device to your desktop computer with the help of a USB cable. This feature works both on Android and Apple mobile phones.

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