Top Trending Businesses For 2021

2020 has been a tough year for everyone and most businesses suffered in one way or another as well. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic for businesses are undeniable, but there is also a number of businesses that are expected to thrive in 2021. Here are 7 trending businesses to consider for 2021.

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1. E-commerce

Starting an e-commerce business in 2021 is no brainer. It has been popular before, but in 2020, we all witnessed it skyrocket. People are now doing more and more of their shopping online, and they buy not only the usual stuff like clothes, gadgets, and toys, but also food products, medicine, and other daily necessities that can be hard to get the usual way due to lockdowns and restrictions.

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2. Home improvement

Last year, people were forced to spend more time at home than ever, and during those extended home stays, people began noticing the problems with their homes. Home improvement kits, products, and services have been very popular in 2020 and this trend will surely continue in 2021, so whether you want to sell paints or perform home improvement services, you can do it as a new business.

3. Social media

In 2020, social media interactions with customers became more vital for businesses than ever. For most of the year, social media was their only channel of communication, and it was easy to see which businesses had a well-designed social media strategy and which didn’t. If you are savvy with social media and want to help businesses grow, you can start your own social media marketing business in 2021.

4. Fitness equipment

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns made it nearly impossible for people to keep fit in their usual ways by going to the gym or jogging, which is why the sales of at-home fitness equipment grew exponentially. This trend is going to continue in 2021. Affordable fitness equipment that can be used at home will remain popular among fitness-conscious customers who want to maintain their health.

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5. Outsource accounting

New businesses appear all the time, but a small-scale business that consists of one or two employees often cannot afford a full-time accountant. This is where you can come in handy if you have an accounting degree or know a professional accountant. Outsource accounting firms are beneficial both for the owner and the customers and will always find prospective clients.

6. Online courses

The COVID-19 pandemic proved that you can have much better career prospects if you have a variety of skills outside of your primary education. Plus, people began taking online courses to keep themselves from getting bored during lockdown. If you have a unique skill or knowledge and are willing to share it with others, you can set up an online course and make money by helping people.

7. Bicycle and bike services

For many Nigerian families, cars are still a luxury while public transportation is not as developed as we’d want and getting everywhere on foot can be challenging. This is why you can always build a solid business by selling bicycles. In addition to that, you can launch a bike service and repair bikes, as well as sell spare bicycle parts to customers whose bikes are broken.

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