BlackBerry Phones: 5 Main Advantages

It is quite easy to buy Blackberry phones and Blackberry smartphones. And will help you with this. Blackberry phones have a number of advantages and useful qualities.

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Let’s consider the pros for ordinary users:

A delegate checks a BlackBerry at an exhibition during the West & Central Africa Com conference


BlackBerry smartphones are known for their safety. Not only the letter but also completely all channel of data transfer is encrypted and encoded, from the user who send a letter to recipient’s e-mail box. This function eliminates the mail hacking, penetration of third parties and viruses, which is very useful for user and maintain his confidentiality.



At the moment there are two main types of services: BIS (personal) and BES (only for corporate use).

BlackBerry Internet Service – BIS –is a solution that is aimed primarily by individuals. This realtime-push-synchronization, traffic compression and privacy. Some corporate users liked it precisely because of simplicity. It will work fine with any corporate mail server on which it is possible to work with external clients by standard mail protocols. Additional functionality of synchronizing address book and calendar appears when you connect mailboxes Google and Yahoo.

Blackberry Enterprise Server – BES – designed for centralized secure connection between the corporate mail server, wireless network operator and smartphones Blackberry.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express – BES x – has all the important benefits and basic functionality BES, but it is easier to install and less demands on system resources.


Blackberry – is a symbol for self-expression or a sort of a star accessory – it is used by such famous figures as the Beckham’s wife, Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, etc. The design of this phone is restrained, modest and practical. Everyone feels comfortable and confident with this phone.


Accessibility and easiness of use

The smartphone has instant access to email, the rapid opening applications and data storage. Also it offers  unlimited internet access, which allows you to use of Mobile Internet for reading and watching any Internet resources, as well as social networking, affordable mobile applications (ICQ, Skype, Google-maps)with no limits. For Blackberry mobile phones developed hundreds of applications that will satisfy the whims and desires of the most demanding customer.

Comfortable keyboard


QWERTY BlackBerry keyboard – the most comfortable keyboard of this type in the world. And tere is a reason for it. Manufacturer paid much attention to this part of the phone. Keyboard BlackBerry – is a miniature masterpiece of engineering ideas. Each key is unique and has an elaborate geometry. This provides the quickest and accurate enter of the text that makes the BlackBerry indispensable for those who appreciate performance and easy to use.

BlackBerry phone – it’s your assistant in the business. Nothing extra, but still it is a solution for the business person, and for a large corporation. BlackBerry is not just a phone, it’s the level of security. A significant advantage for business provides by unique encryption of voice and text messages, as well as the ability to connect specialized services. So if you want to buy one, you should visit

Buy and sell on, as other do!